A Plus and other publications


A Plus
Astrid Awards 2016

  • Honours in professional body category


"Sneaking in through the backdoor" (A Plus, May 2011)

The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) Editorial Awards 2012

  • Honourable mention – excellence in business reporting


A Plus November 2007 

Magnum Opus in cooperation with the Missouri School of Journalism and McMurry

  • Honourable mention for best cover


Corporate brochure "The secret ingredient of Hong Kong's success"

Mercury Awards 2010

  • Bronze in corporate brochures category


Year book 2011

Astrid Awards 2012

  • Bronze for excellence in design in non-profit professional organization category


Annual reports

2015 – "The Will to Succeed"

Mercury Award

  • Honours for interior design (traditional format)


    2014 – "Growing with Hong Kong"

    International ARC Awards

    • Gold for written text
    • Silver for photography


    Mercury Award

    • Gold for writing
    • Honours for interior design (traditional format)


    Astrid Awards

    • Silver in non-profit organization category


    2013 – "Accounting for Hong Kong"

    Mercury Award

    • Gold for overall presentation (professional body)
    • Honours for cover design (drawings/illustrations)


    2011 – "Acting for the profession"

    International ARC Awards

    • Silver for written text
    • Bronze for photography
    • Honours in non-profit organization category


    2010 – "Charting success"

    International ARC Awards

    • Gold in non-profit organization category
    • Bronze for photography


    2009 – "Where does money come from?”

    International ARC Awards

    • Gold for interior design
    • Silver for photography
    • Bronze in non-profit organization category


    2008 "Leaping to success"

    International ARC Awards

    • Bronze for written text
    • Honours for president’s letter


    2007 “Success story”

    International ARC Awards

    • Gold in non-profit organization category
    • Silver for interior design
    • Bronze for written text
    • Honours for cover photo/design


    Hong Kong Management Association Best Annual Reports Awards

    • Citation for corporate governance disclosure


    2006 – Annual report

    Magnum Opus annual report competition

    • Best use of black and white photography


    Community programmes


    May Moon's Book of Choices

    Mercury Awards 2012 

    • Honours for custom publications – financial education


    The May Moon Money-Wise Box Set and May Moon Rescues the World Economy

    Mercury Awards 2011

    • Gold for custom publications


    "The Money Secrets of Children" documentary video 

    Questar Awards 2010

    • Best of show – the topmost award
    • Best of documentaries
    • Gold in non-profit organization category


    “Rich Kid, Poor Kid” programme

    Asia Pacific PR Awards 2007 

    • Corporate social responsibility – campaign of the year
    • Non-profit campaign of the year – certificate of excellence


    Promos and others


    "Success stories" ad campaign (2007)

    Mercury Awards 2011

    • Gold for print category
    • Honours in TV category


    QP video, an animated film showing how students can pass different stages in becoming a CPA

    Questar Awards 2011

    • Silver in non-profit organization category (education)