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On standard setting and special practices


 " Thank you for organizing the roundtable discussion on 20 December 2010 and thank you for having me as an observer. It was very interesting to get to learn the different point of views regarding the ED Leasing and to get to know you from the organizing institute. You've done a very good job! "
- Jörg B.


"I appreciate very much for all the training activities conducted by the Standard Setting Department.


Especially the introduction of the practice adopted by the listing companies in their annual reports together with other training materials provided by the big peers.


All these together will enable us at least to have a basic understanding to the existing standards."


– Siu Fan F.


"Please allow me to applaud HKICPA's efforts to pro-actively warn their members of mis-statement on their financial statements. I believe this is the first time I have seen this and I personally think it is a wonderful work.


This is definitely useful to update every HKICPA member's knowledge and also let everyone, including the financial analysts, know the possible adjustments we have to make in order to apply consistent accounting principles that the companies themselves have not been able to do.


Keep up the good work."


– Tom W.


"Tax Link is a good tax article giving us valuable tax knowledge and the latest news about tax affairs.  Keep on more frequently so to help us upgrading our tax knowledge.


I, personally, hope that the Link can be connected to more of other publications, for instance TIHK, court case or websites in relating to recent tax issues.


Thanks for your best effort."


– Stephen S.



"I would like to thank you for coming and sharing your expertise on HKFRS for private entities to our professional staff.


We recorded an attendance of over 100 assessing officers.  Colleagues found the seminar most interesting and useful.  With your kind permission, we have video-recorded the whole seminar.  The video and the powerpoint slides of the seminar have now been uploaded to our intranet for the benefit of those colleagues who were unable to attend on that day.


I enclose some photographs taken on that day.  Thank you once again and wish you every success in your future endeavours."


– Mrs. Chu



For the "Rich Kid, Poor Kid" programme


"Fantastic and educational program for our young generation.  Keep up your good work!"


– Kenneth C.



"A really meaningful programme that makes me proud to be a member of the Institute."

Betty L.


"Wow, this is a wonderful concept! We in the USA should make it mandatory in our educational system. This is a MUST!! Ingenious!"


– Rick H.



"I am so amazed by this project organized by Hong Kong Institute of CPAs, as nowadays children will see the definition of wealth so differently compared to the older generation."


– Y. Y. C.



For A Plus magazine and other publications


 "Fantastic brochure! A great advertisement for the Institute and Hong Kong CPAs."
- Steve F. 



"I have read and looked through the corporate brochure, I think it looks great and the content is good.
Please thank your team and let them know they did a great job in producing this brochure."


- Jonathan Y.





"I receive monthly my copy of A plus, and find that it helps considerably in keeping me abreast of developments in the accounting and business landscape in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


I wish to congratulate you on the quality of the journal and the continuous improvements that I have observed. There are many articles and short vignettes that provide useful insights into what is happening in your part of the world.


Keep up the good work!"


Bill C.



"I found the new look A Plus magazine, published for the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants to be a far superior, and more presentable, journal [commencing with your January 2010 issue].


Congratulations on a marked improvement on format, colour scheme and use of infographics."


– Richard B.



"Many thanks for the copies of your annual report of which we have found the details very interesting and informative.


It has been our pleasure of having the opportunity to participate on the relevant topic and activity, and would be very glad to make our contribution again if necessary.


Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need any further input from our industry.


Wishing your kind Institute every success in the coming year."


- Frank W. 



On leisure activities


"It is always happy to see the variety of leisure programs organized by HKICPA to our members… this is very important in helping our hardworking members to balance their lifestyle."


Arthur L.



"We have a wonderful day at The Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course today.  Thanks for all the hard work of the HKICPA team in making this a successful event.  On behalf of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyor, please accept our sincere appreciation again."


– T.T.C.



"The wine gathering yesterday was great! I think Shiraz is always the favorite to a lot of Hong Kong people.  Perhaps you could consider more events of similar kinds, watches, antique,  calligraphy, jewelry etc.....


More work to do!"


– King Hang W.



On Best Corporate Governance Disclosure Awards


"It was a great pleasure for us to enjoy the Best Corporate Governance Disclosure Awards' presentation luncheon.  I am very grateful for your dedicated efforts to organize this influential and successful event and we are deeply honoured to have the opportunity to be recognized as an outstanding company with excellent corporate governance.  We cherish this honour as much as you can imagine.


ICBC is progressing steadily in the internationalization development.  We paid lots of attention to improve our corporate governance according to the international standards and best practices in the global banking industry, which in turn insured our transparency.  We believe that the improvement of corporate governance, together with high transparency, is the key for our success during the process of pursuing our strategic objective.


Your award is one of the best encouragements for our efforts and we will try our best to be more involved in your activity."


– Yi Q.





On Student Education and Training


"I am writing to thank you and your team on changing the structure of the QP workshop. As in our conversations, I really appreciated the ways that now the workshop is conducted, and the sharing and learning environment promoted inside the classroom.
The way the workshop is conducted just enables students to learn under an pressure-free atmosphere - for which many of us students are looking."


 - Benson S.



"I appreciate that the Institute offers us such a precious opportunity to prepare ourselves for the future challenges. The forum was very well-organized and successful that it provided much information for the youngsters, encouraging them to enter the accounting field.


I am glad I had taken the opportunity and spoken in front of a crowd of people. This boosts my confidence and determination for being an accountant. I hope in the foreseeable  future I can work with Institute members. Here is my heartfelt thanks. 


Best regards,"


 - Rupert T.



For members' benefits


"I greatly appreciate your update, and I fully support the recent decisions made by the Council on fees and benefits.


The Hong Kong Institute of CPAs provides an excellent service for its members and for students, and I extend my compliments to you and your colleagues for all your hard work."


- David L.


"I write to thank you for your e-mail of the 17th June 2011.


I greatly appreciate your update, and I fully support the recent decisions made by the Council on fees and benefits.


The Hong Kong Institute of CPAs provides an excellent service for its members and for students, and I extend my compliments to you and your colleagues for all your hard work."


- David L.



"I am glad to read your update this morning. All those initiatives are great and should be able to address some of the issues raised by members before, particularly the younger generation.


Hong Kong is one of the few places in the world where we have so many accounting professional organizations which actively pursue various activities and advertise. Hence, it is pretty competitive for HKICPA to stand itself out.


I understand that many young accountants complain about the higher annual membership fee when compared with other overseas organization. They do not understand that HKICPA is the one responsible for developing the accounting standard for Hong Kong which involves a lot of overhead. At the same time, other overseas accounting organization are getting a free ride. In fact, some of them do not have to bear such cost in their home countries at the first place. "


- Kim W.



I have meant to write to you for some time now about membership subscription. I have been a member of the Institute since 1978. My No. is F0894.  When I turned 55, the Institute did write to me asking whether I want to become a retired member.  As I was working full time at that time, I answered honestly to say I was not a retiree then.  I have regretted ever since.  This is because I am paying a full membership for the last 20 years as I lived in Vancouver, Canada thus not using the services provided by the Institute apart from the monthly journals.   The membership does not give me an advantage work wise in Canada.  However, I feel that I should be supportive of the Institute as I have been affiliated for such a long time, 33 years.  It was be sad to call it quits.  However as I get older, will be 60 in December 2011, I have to tune down my hectic schedule in the last couple of years resulting in less income earned.  No doubt  you would appreciate that the tax rates in Canada is a lot higher than in HK bearing in mind the subscriptions are tax deductible yet one still has to fund it. "


- Eileen W.



- James C.



"Great to read your updates and wonderful, and simply wonderful.  All the right things and actions were resolved and implemented and we will all benefit.  The direction is clear and it is membership friendship and considerate."


- James L. 



On Annual Conference


"I want to thank you and your colleagues at the HKICPA for your warm hospitality and wonderful reception.  This trip has deepened our understanding of the role of HKICPA and also our friendship.  My colleagues and I are highly impressed by the high professional standards of the HKICPA, its great influence on the Accounting Profession and its highly efficient workforce and the sincere desire for co-operation.  I strongly believe that the future of our cooperation is bright.  Once again, on behalf of Antai College of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, I would again promise to support QP." 




- Lin Z. 



"We are really grateful for the Institute's invitation and the meticulous arrangements, which let us have a happy and fruitful six-day trip in Hong Kong.  What impresses us the most is your Annual Conference which lets us understand better the latest capital market movements, auditing, the futuristic research on the Accounting Profession and your considerate arrangements leave us a very deep impression.  We sincerely hope that we can further develop our cooperation on QP.  At present, our Accounting Department has reached the same conclusion that QP has now reached maturity point for promotion in the Mainland China market."




- Juan P.  





"I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, Josephine, Mr. Tsai, President of HKICPA, Ms. Cheung, Chief Executive, Jason, Ms. Lee and all the colleagues at the HKICPA for their warm hospitality and meticulous arrangement.


Led by our Vice President, Prof. Zhang, we three teachers attended your esteemed Institute's Annual Conference, and benefited a lot from it.  The topics covered at your Conference are highly forward looking, and really broadened our horizon.  In addition, the visits to Deloitte and Hong Kong University helped us to establish an exchange platform for our University with the Accounting Profession and the Academia in Hong Kong.


I am also deeply moved by your tender care and meticulous arrangements on the colorful program activities during the entire Academic Exchange Trip.








- Guanhua R.



"How are you?  We are really grateful for your warm hospitality while we were in Hong Kong.  We all felt that we really benefited a lot from the exchange with your esteemed Institute during this Academic Exchange Trip.  We really look forward to further deepen our cooperation and exchange with your esteemed Institute."



- Hetong L.



"We really learn and understand a lot about new knowledge and information while we were in Hong Kong attending the Institute's Annual Conference and the carefully arranged programs.  We really want to thank you all for the considerate and passionate arrangements. 


We welcome you and your colleagues to visit Shanghai Jiao Tong University again."






- Li Jun X. 



How are you?  I want to express my heartfelt thank to you and the friends at Institute for your warm hospitality and considerate arrangement during our Hong Kong visit.  This has given us the opportunity to enjoy the academic as well as cultural exchanges and you have indeed made us feel at home." 




- Xiaodong X.



"Thank you very much for your message.  I feeled honored for having this opportunity of attending your annual conference.  We really appreciate your hospitality during our visit in HK.  Hope we can build a stronger relationship between your Society and Fudan Management School."


- Ming C.



"I would like to express our heartfelt thank for your invitation and considerate arrangements.  We benefited a lot from this Hong Kong Academic Exchange Trip and we felt happy and rewarding.  At the same time, we felt honored and happy to have the opportunity to exchange ideas with you and your colleagues.  We look forward to more and more opportunities for exchange and co-operation."






- Ai Min Q.