Terms for Usage of the Library

  1. Members and registered students of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (the "Institute") and Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians ("HKIAAT") are entitled to use the Institute's library services (the "Authorized Users").


  1. Admission to the Library is granted upon registration of the Authorized User's name and relevant identification number, and presentation of valid identification documents, which include the HKICPA Affinity Credit Card, the Institute Membership Card/Student Card, HKIAAT Membership Card/Student Card or Hong Kong Identity Card of registered members/students. Admission is granted only upon the Authorized User's agreement to the Terms of Usage of the Library as set out herein.


  1. Librarian or any staff of the Institute may ask Authorized Users to show their membership cards, student cards or other identity cards at any time.


  1. Library materials are not for loan and are for reference only.


  1. Photocopying facility is available at a charge of HK$1.00 per A4 page. Authorized Users must observe all relevant copyright laws when photocopying or otherwise reproducing any Library materials.


  1. Any photocopying in excess of the legal limits or any unlawful reproduction by whatever means of any Library materials are prohibited. Photography of any Library materials is also prohibited.


  1. The Institute will hold the Authorized Users fully liable on an indemnity basis for any loss, damage, liabilities, and costs that it may suffer as a result of any copyright infringement by the Authorized Users.


  1. Silence must be observed and the use of mobile phones and pagers is prohibited when using the Library. Talking loudly or making noises so as to cause disturbance to others are not allowed.


  1. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited.


  1. Wet umbrellas or raincoats may not be brought into the Library.


  1. No seat may be reserved. Books and personal property left unattended on desk(s) or chair(s) for more than 15 minutes will be removed without further notice and the reading place may be allocated to another user as the Librarian sees fit.


  1. Authorized Users are reminded to take care of their personal belongings and the Library and the Institute will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.


  1. Desks, chairs and other Library equipment may not be moved or relocated without permission from the Librarian.


  1. Mutilation, defacing and theft of any Library items are serious disciplinary offences. Authorized Users responsible for such loss or damage will be liable to criminal charges and/or disciplinary actions by the Institute. The full replacement cost will be charged for any loss or damage caused.


  1. Librarian and other staff of the Institute reserve the right to inspect bags or other personal property when the Library detection system is activated, or when any Authorized Users leave the Library.


  1. Photography and video/audio recording are not allowed on Library premises without prior permission.


  1. Computers located in the Library are provided for research and educational purposes. Other activities including (but not limited to) watching movies, playing online games, accessing chat rooms and blogs are prohibited.


  1. Uploading and downloading information via Library's computers are not allowed. Librarian and other staff of the Institute have the right to remove such items without prior notice.


  1. The Librarian and other staff of the Institute reserve the right to exclude any person who infringes the Terms for Usage of the Library or who acts in a way which interferes with the convenience of other Library users or with the normal operations of the Library.


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