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  • Accounting & Tax with Standards (Please click for access)
    A resource with full-text articles from 300 journals and publications in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation and financial management. Includes current accounting standards and interpretations from FASB, GASB and IASB and covers from 1972 to date. The scope is both U.S. and international.



  • Hong Kong Tax Library Online (on-site access*)
    An online tool covering two publications, the Hong Kong Tax Manual, a complete and easy-to-use Hong Kong tax practice guide and Hong Kong Revenue Legislation, an annotated compendium of Hong Kong tax legislation and case law. It also provides cross-links to the two publications with useful commentaries.
  • PRC Tax Planning & Compliance (on-site access*)
    A commentary-based online tool for tax directors and foreign investors who need to oversee tax compliance and tax planning of their branches in China.
  • Financial Reporting-China Accounting Preparation Series I, II & III
    (中國會計實務手冊, 第1-3卷) (on-site access*)
    Written in simplified Chinese, this resource covers explanations on financial reporting issues in China which enterprises in China should have knowledge of. Financial reporting is based on the ASBE and relevant laws and regulations.


* on-site access at Hong Kong Institute of CPAs Library, 27/F, Wu Chung House, 213 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong


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