Weekly e-circulars

DateTitle Issue No.
2004-12-29Invitation to Comment and Benefits & Discount Offers31
2004-12-22Election of the Council, President and Vice Presidents30

TechWatch, PlayStreet 2004, The HK. Account, TUE and Discount Offers


Season's Greetings from the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs

2004-12-15A Successful Year at a Glance, Declaration for Compliance with CPD Requirements, Professional Risk Management Conference 2004, TUE, CICPA Journal, Benefits & Discount27
2004-12-13Re: Campaign Activities during Council Elections 25
2004-12-09Membership Renewal 24
2004-12-09Financial Reporting Standards, PlayStreet 2004, Declaration for Compliance with CPD Requirements, e-Handbook, Professional Associations Cup, TUE ...23
2004-12-08Election of Eight Members to the Council 2004 - 200522
2004-12-01Handbook Update 8, TechWatch, Best Corporate Governance Disclosure Awards, CPD Activities, CICPA Journal, Discount Offers, For Your Information21
2004-11-19PlayStreet 2004, The HK Accountant, ED of 21 Proposed Standards, CPD, Discount Offers & Seminar on GST20
2004-11-11Fund Raising Walk of the Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services, 28 November 200419
2004-11-04PlayStreet 2004, TechWatch, TUE, Handbook Update 7, Outstanding EDs, CPD & Discount Offer18
2004-10-29MRA with ACCA17
2004-10-28Annual Meeting with the IRD - 2005 & PlayStreet 200416
2004-10-25Update on HKICPA and ACCA Discussions Regarding Transitions for Students15
2004-10-20Update on Members' Forum 6 October 2004 and on the Institute/ACCA discussions14
2004-10-21The Institute Annual Dinner, Professional Pronouncements, Symposium on PRC Accounting and Auditing, CPD Activities 13
2004-10-14New Council Rulings & Experience Sharing Forum on Insolvency and Audit Building Management Accounts (22 November 2004)12

The Institute Annual Dinner 2004, Upcoming CPD Activities, Study Mission to Shanghai, TechWatch, EDs for Insolvency and Banking, and more.

  • The Institute Annual Dinner 2004 - "A Dash of Red"
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes – October & November 2004
  • The Insitute Study Mission to Shanghai 香港會計師公會上海考察團 (1-3 December 2004)
  • The Institute Executive Program for Accountants Information Technology Risk Management
  • TechWatch Issue 27
  • Exposure Draft (ED) of Insolvency Guidance Notes – Comments Sought
  • Exposure Draft of Proposed Banking Practice Note for Auditors
  • For Your Information
2004-9-27Members' Forum on Education and Training Policy for Future CPAs & Recognition of Overseas Qualifications10
2004-09-24Experience Sharing Forum on Company Secretarial & Taxation Services for Small Companies 9
2004-09-22Update on First Meeting with ACCA on MRA8
2004-09-21Letter from the Institute Chief Executive & Registrar re Meeting with ACCA on 21 September 2004 7
2004-09-20Letter from the Institute Chief Executive & Registrar re ACCA 6

Upcoming Technical Update Evening, CPD Activites, ICAEW Faculties - 3 Month Free Trial and more .....

  • New TUE Programme
  • The Institute Executive Program for Accountants IT Risk Management
  • Members' Handbook Update No. 6
  • Mainland Audit Issues Q&As
  • The IASB Joint Ventures Questionnaire
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes – October 2004
  • The Institute/HKPU 2004 Symposium on PRC Accounting and Auditing Issues - Saturday, 13 November 2004
  • ICAEW Faculties – Exclusive 3 Month Free Trial For the Institute Members  
  • The Institute 2004 Golf Tournament
  • The Institute 2004 Football Competition
  • 優惠換購 《股壇解碼器》書冊
  • For Your Information (dated 17 September 2004)
  • 祥話短說 第三十三期
  • 祥話短說 第三十四期
  • 祥話短說 立法會會議告別動議
2004-09-16Future Recognition of Overseas Qualifications4
2004-09-16Invitation to Joint Panel on Legislative Councillors' Office Rental and Declaration Matters 3

The Institute- A New Era of Success

  • Rebranding Reception Cocktail was a great success
  • Press conference on the Institute new branding and the Institute/ICAEW alliance
  • All 9 candidates attended the Forum on Legco Election
  • Members' Handbook Update No. 5

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