Other social services

1. Free public advisory service scheme (FPASS)


Duty accountants meet face to face with enquirers from the public in weekly sessions to advise them on their financial management, taxation and other accounting related issues.

Started since 1990 and held every Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Institute's office to handle public enquiries.


Simply complete the online form to apply for this free advisory service.


Leaflet (Adobe Acrobat file, 684KB)
Poster (Adobe Acrobat file, 566KB)


The FPASS session in progress.



2. Education


Accountant ambassadors act as mentors to help secondary school students better understand the accountancy profession and the business world through the "Smart Way Forward" and the Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme.






Students giving thank-you cards and gifts to AA 
mentors at the "Smart Way Forward" final


3. Fund raising

    The Institute supports local and international charities by
    raising money for their social services and emergency relief


The Institute donating $1 million to support the
home building projects for Sichuan victims.