Learn at your convenience and save your travelling time. Participate in live interactive seminar anywhere through the Internet.


A webinar is a web-based live seminar transmitted over the Internet.  Simply by connecting to the Internet, a webinar provides you a real-time interactive learning experience with an option to ask questions and receive answers via your computer. This eliminates the barrier of location and brings speakers and participants together via voice and document sharing.  No travelling is required.


It is held in a virtual classroom during the lunch hour, which enables you to make best use of your time.  It has the ability to allow participants to send in questions throughout the webinar and to download powerpoint slides for your future reference.  It includes an audio presentation synchronized with powerpoint slides, followed by a 30-minutes live Q&A session.  Speakers may choose to answer the questions throughout the seminar, but not only restricted to the Q&A session.


With its two-way interactive communication feature accessed in a convenient location, it will definitely suit your learning needs as a busy professional who would like to learn new things.  If you would like to register for the webinar, please click here for details.






Please follow the procedures to perform your configuration test prior to the live and make sure you can listen the music and see the slides and video.