Forensics interest group events

The Forensics Interest Group plans to hold seminars and discussion forums on topics of interest to professionals working in forensics services and others who are interested to learn about the latest developments in this field. It will also arrange networking events. The following are past and forthcoming events.


DateTopicNature of ActivityHandouts available for Sale*
12 Dec 2017Annual Forensic Update 2017SeminarTbc
20 Nov 2017Auditors and forensic accountants: Differences in roles and skill setsSeminarTbc
19 Oct 2017Family and shareholder disputesSeminarTbc
22 Aug 2017

New AML regulations on large-sum and suspicious transaction reports in China

11 May 2017China's New Cyber Security Law - Overview and implicationsSeminarTbc
5 Apr
How forensic accountants assist in matrimonial casesSeminarTbc
24 Mar
How modern technology impacts the work of forensic accountantsSeminarTbc
16 Feb
ForensIG Spring Debate and Cocktail Event 2017Cocktail
13 Dec
Preventing and detecting financial statement fraudSeminarTbc
15 Nov 2016Conducting Corporate IntelligenceSeminarTbc
20 Oct 2016Conducting a Fraud InvestigationSeminarTbc
23 Jun
Institutional Risk AssessmentSeminarTbc
25 Apr
Update on global and local anti-fraud and corruption enforcementSeminarTbc
21 Mar
Ask the experts: Basic principles of forensic investigations into corporate fraud with case study examplesSeminarTbc
22 Feb 2016ForensIG Inaugural Spring Debate and Cocktail Event 2016Cocktail ReceptionNo
15 Dec 2015Cybercrime from the defensive perspectiveSeminarTbc
19 Nov 
Fraud Risk Indicators in ChinaSeminarTbc
6 Oct 2015Cybercrime from the law enforcement perspectiveSeminarTbc
22 Jun 2015Global asset recovery and tackling action to undermine the arbitration processSeminarTbc
19 May 2015Anti-trust investigationsSeminarTbc
23 Apr 2015Valuation in disputesSeminarNo
3 Mar 2015ForensIG Spring Cocktail and Networking Event 2015SeminarNo
25 Nov
Arbitration and the High Court's E-discovery Practice DirectionSeminarNo
18 Nov
Pilot scheme for e-discovery in the courts and its implications for forensic practitioners and litigants in Hong KongSeminarNo
14 Oct  2014Challenges Faced by Expert WitnessesSeminarNo
18 Sep  2014Corporate Monitorship and Deferred Prosecution AgreementSeminarNo
3 Jul 2014The latest international trends and policy developments in anti-corruptionSeminarNo
28 May 2014Human trafficking and compliance with laws and regulationsSeminarNo
3 Mar 2014Protecting Intellectual Property – how and why?SeminarNo
19 Feb 2014ForensIG Spring Cocktail ReceptionSeminarNo
15 Jan 2014Financial services fraud investigationSeminarNo
10 Dec 2013Computer Forensics #3: eDiscovery
4 Jul
Investigation Series #3: Enforcement and prosecution of fraud casesSeminarYes
30 May 2013Fraud, Management Liability & InsuranceSeminarYes
24 Apr  2013COSO’s updated Internal Control – Integrated FrameworkSeminarYes
31 Jan 2013Data Privacy and Data SecuritySeminarYes
17 Oct 2012Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Sanctions – the shrinking worldLunch SeminarYes
23 Aug 2012Joint Forensics Forum and PAIB seminar – Whistle-blowing: the law, policies and procedures and how to deal with themSeminarYes
18 Jul 2012Profiling the FraudsterLunch SeminarYes
11 May 2012Investigation Series #2: Conducting an effective forensic investigationLunch SeminarYes
21 Mar 2012Issues Affecting Expert WitnessesLunch SeminarNo
23 Feb 2012Profiling the Fraudster
Lunch Seminar--
12 Jan 2012Computer Forensics Series #2 : Forensic Data AnalyticsLunch SeminarNo
2 Dec 2011Current market attitudes towards RTO companies & what that may mean for forensicsLunch SeminarYes
19 Oct 2011Investigation Series #1: The First 48 Hours of an InvestigationLunch SeminarYes
9 Sep 2011Foreign bribery and corruption and the roles played by forensic accountantsLunch SeminarYes
29 Jun 2011"Computer Forensics Series" - Computer Forensics in Real LifeLunch SeminarYes
17 May 2011Forensics Forum launch eventNetworkingN/A


(*) Handouts are available for sale. If interested, please contact May Hung at 2287 7009.