Forensics interest group events

The Forensics Interest Group plans to hold seminars and discussion forums on topics of interest to professionals working in forensics services and others who are interested to learn about the latest developments in this field. It will also arrange networking events. The following are past and forthcoming events.


DateTopicNature of ActivityHandouts available for Sale*
24 Oct 2018Joint RIF-ForensIG event:
Update on Data Protection and Cyber Security Law in China
10 Sep 2018Forensic related regulationsSeminarTbc
28 May 2018Joint ForensIG-RIF: How do short sellers conduct due diligence?SeminarTbc
7 May 2018Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies: Overview on its relationship with Illicit ActivitiesSeminarTbc
15 Mar 2018ForensIG Spring Debate and Cocktail Event 2018Cocktail
07 Feb 2018

Update on Anti-corruption and Fraud Regulation

18 Jan 2018Implications of non-compliance with laws and regulationsSeminarTbc


(*) Handouts are available for sale. If interested, please contact us at