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Christmas Sales of CCH’s Accounting Books 

  • 15% discount on the following books 
    • A Practical Guide to Tax Audit and Investigation in Hong Kong
    • Accounting Desk Book (2018)
    • Corporate Controller's Handbook of Financial Management (2017-2018)
    • CPA's Guide to Effective Engagement Letters (12th Edition)
    • CPA's Guide to Management Letter Comments (2018)
    • Doing Business in China: A Quick Tax Guide
    • Financial Instruments: A Comprehensive Guide to Accounting & Reporting (2018)
    • Forensic and Investigative Accounting, 8th Edition
    • Global Master Tax and Business Guide (2018)
    • Guide to International Transfer Pricing: Law, Tax Planning and Compliance Strategies, 7th Edition
    • Hong Kong Company Secretary Checklist
    • Hong Kong Company Secretary's Practice Manual, 3rd Edition
    • Hong Kong Employment Law: A Practical Guide, 5th Edition
    • Hong Kong IPO: A Practical Guide (2nd Edition)
    • Hong Kong Master Tax Guide 2017/18
    • Individual Income Tax Planning for Expatriates in China, 6th Edition
    • International Accounting/Financial Reporting Standards Guide (2018)
    • Management Accountancy and Business Success: Your Complete Guide (Volume 1)
    • SEC Disclosures Checklists (2017)
    • Taiwan Master Tax Guide 2017/18 Edition
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  • The offer valids until 31 Dec 2017


Promotions for Online Database Subscriptions

  • 15% discount on the following online materials on accounting, taxation and law
    • China Tax Compliance Practice Guide – Turnover Tax (Chinese)
    • China Tax Compliance Practice Guide – Income Tax (Chinese)
    • China Tax Compliance Practice Guide – Tax Review (Chinese)
    • China Tax Planning Guide (Chinese or English)
    • China Accounting Preparation-Financial Reporting (Chinese)
    • China Accounting Preparation-Recognition & Accounting Treatment for Accounting Elements (Chinese)
    • China Accounting Preparation-Special Transaction (Chinese)
    • Transfer Pricing Practical Guide (Chinese)
    • Foreign Exchange Control in China (English)
    • China Tax & Customs Law Guide (English)
    • China Tax Manual - China Master Tax Guide Online (English)
    • Hong Kong Tax Manual (English)
    • Hong Kong Company Law & Practice (commentary + ordinance) (English)
    • China Law Express Online (Bilingual)
    • China Labour & Social Security Law -- Essential Facts (Bilingual)
    • China Company Law Guide - Registration and Dissolution (Chinese)
    • China Company Law Guide - Registration and Dissolution of Foreign Investment Enterprises (Chinese)
    • China Company Law Guide - Bankruptcy and Liquidation (Chinese)
    • China Company Law Guide - Corporate Governance (Chinese)
    • China Intellectual Property Law Reference Service (Bilingual)
    • China Intellectual Property Enforcement Manual (Chinese)
    • China Business Law Guide (English)
    • China Antimonopoly Law Guide (English)
    • China Antimonopoly Law Guide (Chinse)
    • Foreign Investment in China - Entry, Operation and Exit Strategy (English)
    • Shanghai Employment and Labour Law Guide (Chinese)
    • Shanghai Employment and Labour Law Guide (English)
    • Beijing Employment & Labour Law Guide (Chinese)
    • Beijing Employment & Labour Law Guide (English)
    • Shenzhen Employment & Labour Law Guide (Chinese)
    • Guangdong Employment & Labour Law Guide (Chinese)
    • Jiangsu Employment & Labour Law Guide (Chinese)


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Discount for CPA Practicing and Audit Software

  • 10% discount on the following two software
  •  iFirm Practice Manager: For firm practice management

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  iFirm Hong Kong Introductory video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QakpWO49Rww


  • Prosystem fx Engagement: For Workpaper Management & Audit Workflow Solution

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  ProSystem fx Engagement Hong Kong Introductory video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPB-w6FbaeE


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Standing discount for book

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