Application procedures

Corporate applicants should follow these registration procedures:


  1. Submit form RCP-1A with the draft articles of association, a letter providing the reasons for the use and/or special meaning of the non-personalized trading name adopted as the practice name (if applicable), and appropriate fees for the initial approval of the practice name and articles of association by the registration & practising committee and the council of the Institute.

    Applicants will be notified of the Institute's decision approximately 10 weeks after each submission deadline. The name approved will be held for the corporate applicant by the Institute for up to three months from the date of approval;

  3. Register the proposed corporate practice with the Companies Registry;

  5. Obtain professional indemnity insurance (it is advisable to take steps to secure insurance terms and coverage applicable to the corporate practice at an early stage when registration is contemplated.); and

  7. Submit form RCP-1B and supporting documents within three months from the date of approval of the name and articles of association for formal approval by the council.


For details, please download the following documents from the forms and downloads section, or obtain hardcopies by sending request to, or get them through our telephone hotline: (852) 2528-9000.


  • Application for registration of a corporate practice (form RCP-1A)
  • Application for registration of a corporate practice (form RCP-1B)
  • Fee schedule
  • Submission deadline
  • Corporate practices (registration) rules
  • Model articles of association
  • Corporate practices (professional indemnity) rules