Disciplinary hearing schedule


DateTimeName of respondent(s)Type of hearingVenueRemarks
22 Oct 20189:30 a.m.

(1) CHAN, Yui Hang

(2) CHUNG, May Shan

(3) DC (CPA) & Associates

Substantive hearing37/F., HKICPA





A hearing may not be necessary if the complaints are admitted or the Disciplinary Committee considers the matter can be disposed of by consent order.
(ii)The hearing may be held in private only if the Disciplinary Committee determines that in the interests of justice a hearing or any part thereof shall not be held in public in which case it may hold the hearing or the part thereof (as the case may be) in private.
(iii)Members of the public who attend a disciplinary hearing are required to register their names, membership numbers (if applicable), company names (if applicable) and telephone numbers (for emergency) and show proof of their identities before they enter the hearing room.  No admission will be allowed when the hearing has commenced.  Any person who does not behave in a good manner or causes distraction to the hearing will be asked to leave the hearing room.