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This webpage contains materials issued by regulators, accounting firms and international standard setting bodies that are relevant to the SMEs and SMPs.

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New  Companies Ordinance by the Companies Registry
file/media/general/SMP-and-SME-Resource-Centre/901BTRIBe.gifThe New Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622)


file/media/general/SMP-and-SME-Resource-Centre/901BTRIBe.gifCompanies Registry's specific topic page
IFAC SME audit guidance

Guide to Using International Standards on Auditing in the Audits of Small- and Medium-Sized Entities, Third Edition (IFAC), 2011

IFAC SMP quality control and practice management guides
file/media/general/SMP-and-SME-Resource-Centre/901BTRIBe.gifA Guide to Quality Control for SMPs (3rd Edition)(IFAC)



A Guide to Practice Management for SMPs (IFAC)

file/media/general/SMP-and-SME-Resource-Centre/901BTRIBe.gifTips for Cost-effective ISQC 1 Application (IFAC)


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