• In light of the recent situation in Hong Kong, please login to the QP Learning Centre to check the noticeboard for the special arrangements for QP Workshops.

  • In considering the unforeseen circumstances in Hong Kong and safety issues these entail, the Institute has decided to call off the Cross-straits, Hong Kong and Macau Accounting Profession Conference 2019 which was scheduled to be held on 27-28 October 2019 at the Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel. We are closely monitoring and reviewing the situation and any further announcements about rescheduling the Conference will be made in due course.
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Posted Links
10 May 2017  財政部關於<境外會計師事務所在中國內地臨時執行審計業務暫行規定>的補充通知
7 July 2016 關於大力支持香港澳門特別行政區會計專業人士擔任內地會計師事務所合夥人有關問題的通知(2016年6月1日生效)
29 May 2015

會計師事務所從事中國內地企業境外上市審計業務暫行規定 (2015年7月1日生效)


強化跨境審計監管的重要舉措 - 財政部會計司有關負責人就會計師事務所從事中國內地企業境外上市審計業務暫行規定答記者問

29 October 2014 香港和澳門會計專業人士擔任上海自貿區會計師事務所合夥人試行辦法 (2014年10月1日生效,有效期至2016年9月30日)
29 October 2014 香港特別行政區會計專業人士申請成為前海深港現代服務業合作區會計師事務所合夥人暫行辦法 (2013年1月29日生效)
12 June 2012 中國注冊會計師協會   香港會計師公會
香港特別行政區考生報名機構變更的公告 (2012年生效)
3 January 2013 Regulatory Rules on the Accounting Qualification (Revised) (Effective 1 July 2013)
會計從業資格管理辦法 (修訂) (2013年7月1日生效)
3 January 2013 PRC Law on the Administration of Exit and Entry of Individuals (Effective 1 July 2013)
中華人民共和國出境入境管理法 (2013年7月1日生效)
26 October 2012 內地與香港註冊會計師部分考試科目相互豁免流程
24 May 2012 Interim Measures for Enrolment in Social Insurance by Foreign Nationals Employed in China (Effective 15 October 2011)
在中國境內就業的外國人參加社會保險暫行辦法 (2011年10月15日生效)



The regulations and pronouncements published in the website are for reference only. If the content of the regulations and pronouncements are inconsistent with those promulgated by the relevant authories, the regulations and pronouncements issued by the relevant authoires should prevail.