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Our mission and goals


The Institute contributes to and influences the future of the global profession. It contributes to the development of the profession in Mainland China. The Institute gives clear, decisive and innovative leadership to a ­financially - and business - attuned accountancy profession in Hong Kong. It supports Hong Kong’s role as one of the world’s leading ­financial centres and upholds the core values and public spirit of accountancy.



Professionalism, integrity, expertise, quality and thought leadership.


Strategic Goals

Constitution and Governance

Our governance structure befi­ts a top-tier accounting body and supports the sustainable development of the Institute and the profession.

Qualification and Education

Our qualifi­cation is a premier, internationally recognized designation.

Standards, Ethics and Regulation

Our professional standards and ethics and quality of our members’ work command public trust and confi­dence.

Member Support and Development

Our ideas, products and services serve the needs of our members and support the development of their professional careers.

Mainland and International

Our presence in Mainland China and global forums enhances Hong Kong’s unique role in serving and globally connecting the Greater China market.

Communication and Branding

Our statutory roles, mission, values and brand are effectively communicated to a broad audience.

Making a Difference to Society and Thought Leadership

Our activities and role in the wider community are recognized as a valued contribution to society by a caring profession.