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qp logo banner

Qualification Programme 20th Anniversary Logo Design Competition


The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Qualification Programme will proudly celebrate its 20th anniversary in September 2019. To commemorate this important milestone, we are in search of inspiring designs for our 20th anniversary logo.


Submit your entry no later than 26 August 2019 for the chance to win a cash prize of HK$5,000! In case you would like to understand the QP better, here is a timeline of milestones for the programme.



Who can join?

The competition is open to Hong Kong residents*; there are three categories of awards:


  • Open –  for professional practitioners in the design industry and the general public.
  • Tertiary - for students from tertiary education institutions or professional design schools/institutions.
  • Secondary – for students currently studying at secondary schools.


* The Institute's staff and members of the judging panel are NOT eligible to join the Competition.



How to join?

Submission requirements

  • The theme of the anniversary celebration is "Accounting and Beyond". The composition elements of the anniversary logo should include “QP” and “20”. Each entry must include a brief description (no more than 300 words, either in Chinese or English), illustrating the design concept.
  • Each participant may submit more than one entry.
  • Please click here for more about Intellectual Property Rights and all other Terms and Conditions.


Submission formats

  • All entries must be presented in A4 (210mm x 297mm) document size, in vector PDF format with 300 dpi output resolution. Both colour and black/white versions must be included on the same page.
  • Entries of scanned or photographed hand-drawn works will not be accepted.
  • Hard-copy prints and editable digital files of the shortlisted entries will be requested on a later date.


Submission method

  • By email - please submit the entry via email to with the information listed below:
  1. Name of participant (as stated on the identification document)
  2. Phone number
  3. Competing category – Open, Secondary or Tertiary
  4. If you are competing at the Secondary Student or Tertiary Student categories, please state your current school name in full and your current form/ year of study. We will validate your information provided should your entry(ies) be shortlisted.
  5. Text description of the logo design concept (no more than 300 words, either in Chinese or English)
  • The attachment(s) should not exceed 30MB in total



Judging Panel

  • The judging panel will comprise members of the the Institute's senior management and professional designers.



Selection criteria

  • Originality
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Creativity
  • Scalability
  • Reproducibility



Awards & prizes

Winners (3 winners, one each from Open, Tertiary and Secondary categories): Cash prize of HK$5,000 with a certificate

Finalists (30 winners, ten each from Open, Tertiary and Secondary categories): Cash prize of HK$1,000 with a certificate



Results announcement

The winning results will be announced on the Institute's website and Facebook page in mid September 2019. Winners will also be notified by email individually.






Competition terms and conditions







香港會計師公會將於今年9月慶祝專業資格課程(QP)20周年。為慶祝這別具意義的時刻,我們誠邀大家發揮想像力,為QP 20周年設計嶄新且具創意的紀念標誌,於826或之前遞交,贏取現金獎港幣5,000元!想了解更多關於QP的資料及里程碑?可參閱QP時間軸






公開組 為專業設計師及公眾人士而設

大專組 為大專院校及設計學院學生而設

中學組 為中學生而設


* 公會員工及評審團均不得參加是次比賽,以示公正。





  • QP 20周年主題為「計 未來」。每份參賽作品須包含QP20兩大元素,並附有 一段不多於300字的中文或英文說明,扼要描述設計概念。
  • 每位參賽者可提交多於一份參賽作品。
  • 請按此了解知識產權條款及其他細則



  • 參賽者須於A4210毫米 x 297毫米)尺寸的文件內展示其參賽作品,並把文件儲存為300 dpi影像輸出解像度的vector PDF格式的檔案。參賽者須提供彩色和黑白版本的設計,並展示於同一頁內。
  • 經掃描器處理或相機拍攝的手繪作品將不獲受理。
  • 入圍的參賽者須於稍後時間提供打印稿件或可編輯的數碼檔案。



  1. 參賽者姓名 (須與身份證明文件相符)
  2. 聯絡電話
  3. 參賽組別:公開組、中學組或大專組
  4. 報名參加中學組或大專組的參賽者,請註明所就讀學校/院校之全名及目前就讀之年級。我們將核實各入圍者所提供的資料
  5. 一段不多於300字的中文或英文說明,扼要描述設計概念一段不多於300字的中文或英文說明,扼要描述設計概念
  • 電郵附件合共不得超過30MB








  • 原創性
  • 美感
  • 創意
  • 比例改變的可塑性
  • 複製的靈活性




  • 組別冠軍 (三名 - 公開組、中學組及大專組各一)現金獎港幣5,000及獎狀
  • 入圍獎 (30 - 公開組、中學組及大專組各10)現金獎港幣1,000及獎狀