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Programme Accreditation

The Institute has guidelines and policies governing the accreditation of Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong accountancy degree programmes and conversion programmes for those who wish to register as students of the Institute.

We also have a scheme to accredit major employers so that they can provide the workshop component of QP for their employees.


Qualification Programme pre-entry courses

The Institute's Qualification and Examinations Board accredits and recognizes local and overseas academic qualifications for student who want to register with the Institute.


  1. Hong Kong accountancy degree programmes
  2. Overseas degree programmes conducted in Hong Kong
  3. Conversion programmes offered by Hong Kong tertiary institutions
  4. Conversion programmes offered by non-tertiary institutions or overseas tertiary institutions conducted in Hong Kong
  5. Conversion programmes offered by CPA firms
  6. Conversion programmes offered outside Hong Kong
  7. PRC accountancy degree programmes

Accredited workshop organizer

The Institute has established a scheme for employers to offer QP workshop modules to groups of employees. Employers who are interested in becoming accredited workshop organizer may refer to "Accreditation of training organizations - a guide for employers" for detailed information.