In view of the unforeseen circumstances, the Mainland Business Interest Group lunch seminar (9 December) and Property, Infrastructure & Construction Interest Group cocktail reception (10 December) will be cancelled.
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Weekly E-circular



Date Title Issue no.
 2019-12-06  Professional Development Framework for PAIBs; Annual report published  770
 2019-11-28  Council election and AGM; Mentorship Programme  769
 2019-11-21  Workshop for new auditors; How to apply for CPD exemption  768
 2019-11-14  Renew your membership; M-Code filing deadline  767
 2019-11-07  AGM and Council election; 2020 Council co-option and committee appointments  766
 2019-11-01  New A Plus; Material from the Members' Forum now online  765
 2019-10-24  Young Members Conference; Keeping CPD records and documentary evidence  764
 2019-10-17  Annual Dinner 2019; Membership renewal for 2020 and CPD requirements  763
 2019-10-10  Business ethics module of the FCP; Hong Kong Business Valuation Quality initiative - consultation roundtable  762
 2019-10-03  New APlus; CPD declaration  761
 2019-09-27  New HKICPA Events app; CPD requirements  760
 2019-09-19  National Day Celebration Dinner; Delegation to Foshan  759
 2019-09-12  Council meeting minutes; Annual dinner  758
 2019-09-05  IT Conference 2019; New A Plus  757
 2019-08-29  Cross-straits, Hong Kong and Macau Accounting Profession Conference; Corporate Finance Series  756
 2019-08-22  Fee waiver and Members’ Forums in September; Transfer pricing DIPN series  755
 2019-08-15  2019 PAIB Conference; IESBA webinar  754
 2019-08-08  Leading people through change; Join the Greater Bay Area delegation to Foshan  753
 2019-08-02  Consultation on the Hong Kong Business Valuation Quality initiative; New A Plus  752
 2019-07-25  Mainland China foreign exchange control issues; Leading people through change  751
 2019-07-18  Renewal of agreement with CIMA; Discussion on tax incentives/local support in the GBA  750
 2019-07-11  Best Corporate Governance Awards 2019 invites entries; Strategic finance course  749
 2019-07-04  Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth; National Day Celebration Dinner  748
 2019-06-26  The Institute appoints new Chief Executive and Registrar; Leadership visit to Mainland  747
 2019-06-20  Accounting for performance and decision making; New e-Finance courses  746
 2019-06-13  Cancellation of CPD courses and events until 15 June; The implications of GDPR on local companies  745
 2019-06-06  IASB board member gives a seminar on IFRS standards for SMEs; Council meeting minutes  744
 2019-05-30  Supervision and Evaluation Bureau visit to the Institute; New A Plus  743
 2019-05-23  Financial Controllership Programme 2019; New members cocktail  742
 2019-05-16  Hong Kong IPO offering structures and GEM placing guideline; IFRS/HKFRS 17 for non-life insurers  741
 2019-05-09  The role of independent market share data; Executive Programme for Accountants  740
 2019-05-02  Leadership visit to UIC; New A Plus  739
 2019-04-25  Annual MoF visit to the Institute; New members cocktail  738
 2019-04-18  Hong Kong welcomes GAA tax directors; Insolvency preparatory I  737
 2019-04-11  Workshops on listing; Update on revised HKSA 540  736
 2019-04-04  Strengthening relations with the Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants; New e-Manager courses  735 
 2019-03-28  Quality Assurance Department report; New A Plus  734
 2019-03-21  Compliance Department annual report; Workshop on "growth mindset"   733
 2019-03-14  2019 compliance forum; Join the sports & recreational interest groups  732
 2019-03-07  Council meeting minutes; Securing your jobs against AI  731
 2019-02-28  Institute judges the government's 2019-20 to be budget reasonable; New A Plus  730
 2019-02-21  Spring cocktail 2019 highlights; Standard Chartered Marathon  729
 2019-02-14  Corporate Finance Series; A closer look at the United States trade measures against Mainland China  728
 2019-01-31  Budget proposals & forum; Minutes of 46th AGM  727 
 2019-01-24  Cocktail reception in Guangzhou; From CPA to CPA Plus  726
 2019-01-17  Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth; Advanced Hong Kong Tax Course  725
 2019-01-10  Consultation on property management licensing; Join the sports and recreational interest groups  724
 2019-01-03  New A Plus; Soft Skills Series  723