• In view of the unforeseen circumstances, the Information Technology Interest Group’s visit to Cyberport scheduled on 15 November will be cancelled.
  • In light of the latest development of the situation in Hong Kong and closure of external workshop venues, all QP workshops held in Hong Kong on 16 and 17 November 2019 will be cancelled for the sake of safety.
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Date Title Issue no.
2017-12-21 Season's greetings from the Institute; 2018 CPD series highlights 672
2017-12-15 New Council and leadership; Formation of Hong Kong and Guangdong CPA practices alliance 671
2017-12-08 AGM; Council Election; Annual dinner highlights 670
2017-11-30 Council Election; AGM; BCG Awards winners 669
2017-11-24 Annual report published; Submission of CPD declaration for membership renewal 668
2017-11-16 Receiving Deputy Director of the China Liaison Office, 5th Membership survey 667
2017-11-09 AGM, Council Election, Co-option and Committee nominations; Cybersecurity seminar 666
2017-11-02 Council Co-option and Committee Appointment, SMP Symposium 665
2017-10-26 AGM and Council election, Revised auditor's reports 664
2017-10-19 Annual Dinner 2017, The new face of Professional Diploma in Insolvency 663
2017-10-13 HKICPA welcomes new proposed tax measures, Membership renewal 2018 662

September's A Plus, Internet connection upgrade

2017-09-22 National Day Dinner, Best Corporate Governance Awards series 660
2017-09-15 President's Dinner, Consequence of non-compliance with CPD requirements 659
2017-09-07 Hong Kong investor perspectives: Better communication, IASB investor education 658
2017-09-01 Enhanced e-A Plus magazine, Taxation Faculty 5th anniversary cocktail 657
2017-08-25 Submission to HKEX , IT Conference 656
2017-08-18 Accounting conference in Ningxia, FinTech in corporate finance 655
2017-08-11 Financial reporting roundtables, Valuation series seminars 654
2017-08-03 Climate risk seminar, AML regulations in China 653
2017-07-27 20th Anniversary Cocktail Reception, CPAs for NGOs workshop 652
2017-07-20 National Day Celebration Dinner, invitation to preparers of financial reports 651
2017-07-13 BCG Awards, Seminar on IFRS 17 650
2017-07-06 2017 Honours List, HKEX consultation 649
2017-06-29 Membership Survey report, New A Plus 648
2017-06-23 Past presidents appointed in new government, Survey on KAM 647
2017-06-15 Annual taxation update, The do's and don'ts of good corporate governance 646
2017-06-09 Compliance forum for SMPs, Preventing an email scam 645
2017-06-02 Knowledge sharing with NGOs, Receiving MoF delegation 644
2017-05-25 Council visit to Mainland, welcoming newest members 643
2017-05-18 Initiatives to support NGOs, the future of cryptocurrencies 642
2017-05-11 New app released, and more... 641
2017-04-27 New A Plus, Financial Controllership Programme 640
2017-04-20 Seminars on latest policy changes of HKEX and China's new Cyber Security Law 639
2017-04-13 Quality assurance report published, Mentorship Programme begins third term 638
2017-04-07 Professional Skepticism e-Learning, Taxation Faculty seminar on trust 637
2017-03-31 Compliance forum, seminar on tech IPOs 636
2017-03-24 Financial Controllership Programme, visit from Guangzhou finance bureau 635
2017-03-16 Two guides to better compliance, how forensic accountants assist in matrimonial cases 634
2017-03-09 Feedback on implementation of <IR> Framework, initiatives under HKMA's Fintech Facilitation Office 633
2017-03-02 Connecting with Shenzhen CPAs, President to talk on Women's Day 632
2017-02-24 FS accepts Institute's proposal to set up a tax policy unit, CE election forum 631
2017-02-16 CE election, tribute to CPA runners 630
2017-02-09 Budget forum, clean election 629
2017-01-27 New A Plus, corporate governance roundtable 628
2017-01-20 Cocktail reception in Guangzhou, Financial Controllership Programme graduation ceremony 627
2017-01-12 Budget proposals, new co-opted member 626
2017-01-05 New QP position paper released, new president meets media 625