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Date Title Issue no.
2017-12-21 Season's greetings from the Institute; 2018 CPD series highlights 672
2017-12-15 New Council and leadership; Formation of Hong Kong and Guangdong CPA practices alliance 671
2017-12-08 AGM; Council Election; Annual dinner highlights 670
2017-11-30 Council Election; AGM; BCG Awards winners 669
2017-11-24 Annual report published; Submission of CPD declaration for membership renewal 668
2017-11-16 Receiving Deputy Director of the China Liaison Office, 5th Membership survey 667
2017-11-09 AGM, Council Election, Co-option and Committee nominations; Cybersecurity seminar 666
2017-11-02 Council Co-option and Committee Appointment, SMP Symposium 665
2017-10-26 AGM and Council election, Revised auditor's reports 664
2017-10-19 Annual Dinner 2017, The new face of Professional Diploma in Insolvency 663
2017-10-13 HKICPA welcomes new proposed tax measures, Membership renewal 2018 662

September's A Plus, Internet connection upgrade

2017-09-22 National Day Dinner, Best Corporate Governance Awards series 660
2017-09-15 President's Dinner, Consequence of non-compliance with CPD requirements 659
2017-09-07 Hong Kong investor perspectives: Better communication, IASB investor education 658
2017-09-01 Enhanced e-A Plus magazine, Taxation Faculty 5th anniversary cocktail 657
2017-08-25 Submission to HKEX , IT Conference 656
2017-08-18 Accounting conference in Ningxia, FinTech in corporate finance 655
2017-08-11 Financial reporting roundtables, Valuation series seminars 654
2017-08-03 Climate risk seminar, AML regulations in China 653
2017-07-27 20th Anniversary Cocktail Reception, CPAs for NGOs workshop 652
2017-07-20 National Day Celebration Dinner, invitation to preparers of financial reports 651
2017-07-13 BCG Awards, Seminar on IFRS 17 650
2017-07-06 2017 Honours List, HKEX consultation 649
2017-06-29 Membership Survey report, New A Plus 648
2017-06-23 Past presidents appointed in new government, Survey on KAM 647
2017-06-15 Annual taxation update, The do's and don'ts of good corporate governance 646
2017-06-09 Compliance forum for SMPs, Preventing an email scam 645
2017-06-02 Knowledge sharing with NGOs, Receiving MoF delegation 644
2017-05-25 Council visit to Mainland, welcoming newest members 643
2017-05-18 Initiatives to support NGOs, the future of cryptocurrencies 642
2017-05-11 New app released, and more... 641
2017-04-27 New A Plus, Financial Controllership Programme 640
2017-04-20 Seminars on latest policy changes of HKEX and China's new Cyber Security Law 639
2017-04-13 Quality assurance report published, Mentorship Programme begins third term 638
2017-04-07 Professional Skepticism e-Learning, Taxation Faculty seminar on trust 637
2017-03-31 Compliance forum, seminar on tech IPOs 636
2017-03-24 Financial Controllership Programme, visit from Guangzhou finance bureau 635
2017-03-16 Two guides to better compliance, how forensic accountants assist in matrimonial cases 634
2017-03-09 Feedback on implementation of <IR> Framework, initiatives under HKMA's Fintech Facilitation Office 633
2017-03-02 Connecting with Shenzhen CPAs, President to talk on Women's Day 632
2017-02-24 FS accepts Institute's proposal to set up a tax policy unit, CE election forum 631
2017-02-16 CE election, tribute to CPA runners 630
2017-02-09 Budget forum, clean election 629
2017-01-27 New A Plus, corporate governance roundtable 628
2017-01-20 Cocktail reception in Guangzhou, Financial Controllership Programme graduation ceremony 627
2017-01-12 Budget proposals, new co-opted member 626
2017-01-05 New QP position paper released, new president meets media 625