Resumption of CPD workshops and sports and recreation events

After having assessed the COVID-19 situation and our hygiene and cleaning practices, we are pleased to announce that both continuing professional development (CPD) workshops and sports and recreation events with a maximum of 30 participants will be gradually resumed with immediate effect.


We will closely monitor the situation to determine when it is appropriate to resume other events.


For the latest updates from the Institute please visit the COVID-19 – CPA Information Centre.

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Information Technology Interest Group events

Date Topic Nature of Activity
30 Oct 2020 ITIG Webinar: Automation tips for the accounts payable process Webinar
14 Jan 2020 ITIG Visit to Smart City Innovation Centre
15 Nov 2019 
ITIG Visit to Cyberport (re-run) Visit
19 Oct 2019

IT Conference 2019: Smart CPAs in the Era of Smart Everything – Accountants in the future world of machines

8 May 2019 ITIG Lunch Seminar – Accounting technology doesn't have to be costly: How Hong Kong SMEs grow in the cloud Seminar
23 Nov 2018 ITIG Lunch Seminar Intelligent automation for finace and accounting Seminar
9 Nov 2018 ITIG visit to HKTVmall's Logistics Centre (re-run) Visit
9 Nov 2018 ITIG visit to HKTVmall's Logistics Centre Visit
20 Oct 2018

IT Conference 2018 – Impact of FinTech and Artificial Intelligence to the Accountancy Profession

4 May 2018 ITIG visit to Science Park Visit
2 Mar 2018 ITIG FinTech tour to Cyberport Visit
14 Oct 2017 IT Conference 2017 – Grasping Opportunities in the age of Everything-as-a-Service: What new technologies and business models can Accountants leverage to increase opportunities and reduce costs Conference
23 May 2017 ITIG Lunch Seminar: Data Centre: Lease, Regulation and Security Seminar
21 Feb 2017 ITIG Lunch Seminar: Creating a greater user experience - How to merge open data and design into smart city experience Seminar
15 Oct 2016 IT Conference 2016 - Big Data for Big Business? - Leveraging the new age crystal ball to grow businesses whether big or small Conference
19 Apr 2016 ITIG Lunch Seminar: Cybersecurity in Hong Kong and China Seminar
26 Feb 2016 ITIG Visit to Network Box Visit
18 Feb 2016 ITIG lunch seminar: Big security – using big data analytics and business intelligence to improve cyber security Seminar
17 Oct 2015 IT Conference 2015: The Role of Accountants in the Digital Age Conference

2 Sep 2015

ITIG Evening Seminar - IT Security Challenges among SMEs Seminar
16 Jul 2015 ITIG Lunch Seminar - The Vulnerability of Everything - Network Security Seminar
29 May 2015 ITIG Site Visit to Ngong Ping 360 Visit
15 Nov 2014 IT Conference 2014:
Enabling finance transformation through today's technologies
11 Sep 2014 HKICPA/ICAEW joint seminar - Cyber Security : What's New? Seminar
17 Jul 2014 Site Visit to CITIC Telecom CPC Cloud Data Centre Visit
13 Mar 2014 ITIG seminar: Improving data security and streamlining the workflow for accounting professionals Seminar
23 Nov 2013 IT Conference 2013:
Become the next generation technology-empowered end users
- how CPAs can effectively leverage on the latest and the greatest
26 Aug 2013 ITIG seminar: New business opportunities with new technologies Seminar
17 Nov 2012 IT Conference 2012:
Mobile revolution in the workplace - encompassiong risks and opportunities
27 Aug 2012 HKICPA/ICAEW joint seminar -
IT Megatrends: Building trust beyond the cloud
29 Mar 2012 Site Visit to Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) (re-run) Site Visit
14 Jan 2012 Site Visit to MTR - Kowloon Bay Depot Training Centre Site Visit
19 Nov 2011

IT Conference 2011

Cloud computing - perspectives of professional accountants

14 Apr 2011 Site Visit to Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) (re-run) Site Visit
5 Mar 2011 Site Visit to MTR - Airport Express Line Site Visit
14 Dec 2010 Site Visit to Cathay Pacific Airways Limited Site Visit
27 Nov 2010

IT Conference 2010

Information highway - linking Hong Kong to the global village and how accountants can add value

24 Apr 2010 Site Visit to MTR – Tai Wai Training Centre and East Rail Line Control Centre Site Visit
27 Jan 2010 ITIG Site Visit to Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) Site Visit
21 Nov 2009 IT Conference 2009
Economic recovery : IT adaptation in the changing business environment
11 Sep 2009 Visit to Hong Kong Observatory Site visit
28 Apr 2009 Visit to The Hong Kong Jocky Club Site visit
20 Feb 2009 Visit to Network Box Hong Kong Ltd Site visit
22 Nov 2008 IT Conference 2008
From Gatekeepers to Strategic Partners - Leveraging IT to become CPAs of the Information Age
18 Oct 2008 Visit E-Mice Solutions (HK) Ltd Site Visit
27 Sep 2008 Visit to MTR Site visit
26 Jul 2008 Visit to Ngong Ping 360 Site visit
18 Jun 2008 Seminar on ICT Development and e-Passport of HKSAR Immigration Department Evening Seminar
9 May 2008 Visit to Hong Kong Observatory Site visit

3 May 2008

BBQ Buffet at Tolo Paradise Networking
25 Jan 2008 Visit to Hong Kong Police Forensics Laboratory Site visit
7 Dec 2007 Visit to the Airport Site visit
17 Nov 2007 Visit to the MTR Corporation Site visit
24 Aug 2007 Information Technology Interest Group (ITIG) Site Visit to the Cyberport 2007
How technologies advance your working life?
Site visit
11 Nov 2006 ITIG Site Visit to Police Computer Forensics Laboratory (ITIG Members Only) Site visit
26 Aug 2006 Technology behind the Disney Magic
Information Technology Interest Group (ITIG)
Site Visit to the Hong Kong Disneyland
Site visit
12 Nov 2004 Protecting Your Enterprise's Valuable Information Assets: Digital Rights Management Evening Seminar
27 Jul 2004 Networking Hour + Experience Sharing with Hong Kong Computer Society e-Business Specialist Group Networking Hour + Experience Sharing
25 Jun 2004 IT Security Issues at the Beijing Olympic Games Evening
14 May 2004 Electronic Product Code (EPC) - Linking the Virtual Supply Chain Evening
22 Apr 2004 Product presentation & demonstration on PDAs / Smartphone / BlackBerry Evening
16 Mar 2004 Practical Gadgets - a contradiction in terms? Evening
13 Feb 2004 IT Gadgetter's Toolbox Evening
2 Dec 2002 Financial Supply Chain technology for the finance function - take the pain out of your purchasing and payment transactions Evening