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Tender Notice for Customer Relationship Management

Reference No.: DT-2019-005
Procuring Department: Digital Transformation
Project Name: CRM project
Scope of Service:  To recommend a CRM product, provide consultation, data design and implementation of the product for the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), with the aim to improve the customer engagement and service.
Collection of Project Tender Documents and Conditions:  Attention: Mr. Sam Chang, Digital Project Manager

Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

37/F, Wu Chung House,

213 Queen's Road East,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong




Consulting firms who wish to collect the tender documents shall indicate their interest with contact details by email to the above contact person of the HKICPA. Consulting firms will receive the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and should forward the scanned copy of signed NDA by email to the above contact person of the HKICPA on or before 24th May, 2019 10:00am. The tender documents will be given to those company representatives via emails by then. Any latecomer will receive the tender documents after their signed NDA is received.


Consulting firms should also send the hard copy of signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by post to the above contact person of the HKICPA.

Closing Date & Time:  Date: 10th Jun, 2019 (Monday)

Hong Kong Time: 12:00pm noon


In event of a typhoon signal No. 8 or above or rainstorm black warning is issued on the closing date before the closing time, the tender closing time will be postponed to the same time on the first working day immediately after the signal or warning is lowered.

Submission of Tender:   Consulting firm's proposal should be sent to the following address, before the closing date/time. Late submission will not be accepted. All proposals and documents should be submitted in sealed envelopes. The technical proposal and fee proposal have to be submitted in two separated envelopes, each envelops should have one printed copy and one softcopy in USB. Non-sealed tender bids submitted by email or any other means will not be accepted.


Attention: Ms. Vivian Sun, Procurement Manager

37th Floor, Wu Chung House,

213 Queen’s Road East,

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Consulting firm must meet these minimum requirements:

1. Minimum 5 years presence in Hong Kong;

2. At least 5 years of experience in implementing CRM solution;

3. At least three reference cases of similar project done in Hong Kong.


Any information or communications between the consulting firm and HKICPA in connection with the CRM project are private and confidential. Consulting firm shall not disclose the same to a third party without prior written consent by HKICPA. 


HKICPA reserves the right not to appoint any consulting firms to undertake the project. The lowest fee bid may not necessarily be accepted as the successful bid. HKICPA is not responsible for any cost incurred by consulting firm in the preparation of the tender and in responding to this notice. HKICPA reserves the right to change or cancel this notice without prior notice or liability to any parties. Consulting firm will be deemed to have accepted these conditions if submitting proposal to HKICPA.


This tender notice is also available in HKICPA website at