DateTitleIssue no.
2012-12-21The new Council, new GAA Accounting426
2012-12-13Council election results, deadline for renewing membership425
2012-12-07New A Plus, annual dinner pictures424
2012-11-29Council election, response to media423
2012-11-23BCGD awards winners, annual report 2012422
2012-11-15New lay Council members, new business registration service421
2012-11-09AGM and fee 2013, New A Plus420
2012-11-02Conference highlights, CPAs win race walking419
2012-10-26Ethics proposals on responding to suspected illegal acts, SMP symposium418
2012-10-19Annual dinner, liaison meeting with SAT417
2012-10-11New A Plus e-version, response to media on audit regulation reform416
2012-09-27Conference 2012,  National Day dinner photos415
2012-09-20Conference 2012, annual IT event414
2012-09-13New A Plus, accountants' liability seminar413
2012-09-07Vote this Sunday, cross-straits, Hong Kong and Macau conference412
2012-08-30IASB roundtable on IFRS 8, LegCo election forum411
2012-08-23New May Moon storybook, annual report wins global awards410
2012-08-16LegCo election forum, seminar on securities regulation409
2012-08-09New A Plus, new QP accreditations408
2012-08-02Seminar on whistle-blowing, National Day dinner407
2012-07-27Institute in the media, new technical training406
2012-07-19Highlights of the new Companies Ordinance, National Day dinner405
2012-07-13Clause 399 update, new A Plus404
2012-07-05New CEPA supplement, new council member403
2012-06-29Lobbying on clause 399, chief executive update402
2012-06-22BCGD Awards invite entries, update on clause 399401
2012-06-15A Plus recognized in Asia awards, new submission on clause 399400
2012-06-07New A Plus, alert to Companies Amendment Bill399
2012-05-31ICAEW agreement, council vacancy398
2012-05-24HKEJ takes unlicensed CPAs to task, response to tax programme criticism397
2012-05-18Enrol in the business conference now, CE update396
2012-05-10New A Plus published, win the new iPad with reader survey395
2012-05-03Corporate governance seminar, new IT support page394
2012-04-27Forensic investigation seminar, business conference in June393
2012-04-19Comments on HKEx ESG reporting guide, GAA Accounting published392
2012-04-12IASB meeting, dealing with adversity391
2012-03-30Guidance to auditors for AGM questions, quality assurance annual report390
2012-03-23Submissions on Companies Bill, HKEx consultation389
2012-03-16CE election forum webcast replay, market your business with corporate brochure388
2012-03-08New A Plus, International Women's Day dinner387
2012-03-01International Women's Day, "Wonderful Accounting" radio programme386
2012-02-23"Success stories" the winners, GAA Accounting published385
2012-02-17Chief Executive election forum highlights, IASB visit384
2012-02-10New A Plus, spring dinner highlights383
2012-02-03Comments on budget, year book382
2012-01-19Budget proposals, RTHK's wonderful accounting programme381
2012-01-13New A Plus, representatives on IFAC and IASB380
2012-01-05Alert on professional scepticism, specialist qualification in taxation tutors379