New QP – Implementation Phase

New Qualification Programme

The new version of the QP aims to ensure professional accountants are trained with the necessary technical knowledge, skills, practical experience, expertise and ethics that can support Hong Kong as an international business and financial centre. It also ensures the CPA qualification is in step with the continual changes in business needs and professional markets in Hong Kong as well as international best practices.

The new QP comprises a progressive qualifying process of three levels, namely Associate Level, Professional Level, and Capstone Level. It integrates technical knowledge across fields of expertise in accounting, business and finance while also developing professional skills in analysis and critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership.


New QP charts


The three levels of the new QP will be rolled out stage-by-stage with the first examination session for the Associate Modules, the Professional Modules and the Capstone to be held in June 2020, December 2020 and June 2021 respectively. As we move towards milestones leading up to the first examinations, changes will start to take place as early as September 2019, such as introduction of new Student Information System for online registration and publication of new study packs for exam preparation.

More details about the new QP can be found in the Position Paper.


Consultation paper cover


Please click pdf version or e-book version for the Position Paper and its dedicated web page.

Preparation of launch system and study materials

To take the QP into the new era, the Institute has commissioned PCCW to develop a new Student Information System and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. to produce the new study materials.

Student Information System

The Student Information System is currently being built by PCCW and is based on the Oracle Campus Solution. It will provide a one-stop automated platform for QP students to effectively manage their pathway and progression to the new QP. The Student Information System will be ready for new QP student registration in September 2019.

Study materials

A set of study materials is currently being developed by Wiley to support QP students in their self-study for the new QP.

Wiley will create materials for the new three-level professional programme to equip QP students seeking the Institute's world-class CPA with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to attain their credential and lead as a CPA. The Associate Level study materials will be ready for new QP student registration in September 2019, with Professional Level and Capstone Level materials available at a later date.

Orderly roll out

As the roll out of the new QP will affect a number of student groups, the Institute has prepared the following information for:

QP students

QP students who do not pass their examinations by the final offering of the current QP are eligible for cross-credit arrangements for their successfully completed modules to the Professional Level of the new QP. Further information for QP students is provided in the diagram below.


New QP


JES students

Joint Examination Scheme (JES) students are eligible for the cross-credit arrangement of the Associate Modules and they only need to complete the remaining modules under the new QP.  JES students who have obtained module exemption of Associate Modules 1 to 5 via the cross-credit arrangement and have had five years of relevant work experience are eligible to enrol in the Gateway Examination.




HKIAAT students, graduates and members

Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians (HKIAAT) students, graduates and members are entitled to cross-credit transfers for the first five Associate Modules of the new QP dependent on their level of study. AAT graduates or members currently taking or who have completed the Professional Bridging Examination (PBE) are eligible for cross-credit transfers for Associate Modules 6 to 10. AAT members on the HKIAAT Member Register as at 31 December 2015 who have had five years of relevant work experience are eligible to obtain a Certificate of Completion of the Associate Level. Holders of this Certificate are eligible to enrol in the Gateway Examination.

The flowchart below explains the new QP system for AATs.





More details about the HKIAAT Professional Bridging Exam can be found on the dedicated web page on the Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians.

The Institute has prepared a list of frequently asked questions regarding the new QP for HKIAAT and JES students which is available here.

Gateway Examination

The Gateway Examination is available to both HKIAAT members and JES students with five years relevant work experience. It is a three-hour, closed-book examination and will be offered for four sessions commencing June 2020 until December 2021 with two sittings per year. Students are allowed four attempts at passing the Gateway Examination, after which they must sit the Associate Level of the new QP.



Should you have any enquiries regarding the new QP, please contact the following sections of Education and Training Department of the Institute.


Pre-entry Education



Mr. Terence Lai


(852) 2287 7455



Professional Programme



Ms. Cherry Yau


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Practical Experience



Mr. Paul Lo


(852) 2287 7022