Mandatory CPD requirements (Statement 1.500)

Recent developments and changes to Statement 1.500: 


Changes made in April 2013

  • Newly accepted CPD activities 
    "Networking" and "observation, feedback and reflection" are accepted as non-verifiable CPD activities effective for CPD reporting periods beginning on or after 1 December 2013. Members may claim up to 5 non-verifiable hours in total per annum for these categories together (not 5 hours individually) in addition to any networking time included in verifiable CPD events. Further details are available in paragraph 5 of Statement 1.500 (July 2014) and paragraphs 19 and 21 of our Frequently Asked Questions


For earlier changes, see below the table.


Current CPD requirements


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Statement 1.500 and guidelines

Statement 1.500 (July 2014)

Guidance on ExemptionsRefer to Appendix of Statement 1.500 (July 2014)
Consolidated table of changes to statement 1.500: August 2010

Frequently asked questions

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CPD record form
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CPD record form


Notes for briefing session on CPD requirements (free download)



Change made in April 2012 and earlier


  • Recognition of CPD Requirements of a U.S. State Board of Accountancy or GAA institutes 
    Except for a holder of the Institute’s Practising Certificate or Specialist Designation, for member who is a holder of an active license issued by a State Board of Accountancy (State Board) of the United States of America or a current member of one or more of the following Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) institutes: ICAA, CICA, ICAEW, ICAI, NZICA, ICAS and SAICA, that member may choose, from that State Board which issued the active license or from the above-mentioned GAA institutes of which he/she is a member, which CPD requirements/regulations to comply with. Click here to read the messages from the Institute’s Chief Executive and Registrar about these developments. GAA CPD recognition is effective for CPD reporting periods ending on 30 November 2009 while U.S. State Board CPD recognition is effective from 1 December 2011, further details are available in paragraphs A10 and A15 of Statement 1.500 (July 2014) and paragraphs 40 and 41 of our Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Block declarations of CPD compliance 
    Member practices or organizations which keep training records which demonstrate the compliance of their staff with the Institute's CPD requirements may, provided certain criteria are met, make a block declaration to the Institute of that CPD compliance. Effective for CPD reporting periods ending on 30 November 2009, further details are available in paragraph A18 of Statement 1.500 (July 2014) and paragraphs 23, 24 and 25 of our Frequently Asked Questions.


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