HKICPA Trust Fund

The Institute has established a trust fund for the relief of poverty by providing assistance to people experiencing severe financial hardship and who are members of Hong Kong Institute of CPAs or dependants of people who were members of Hong Kong Institute of CPAs or Hong Kong Society of Accountants when they died.


The trustees seek to support members to continue working as CPAs, aiming to help them during a period of severe financial hardship to re-establish their financial independence.


Bereavement, old age, unemployment through ill-health, accident are examples of causes of poverty which may be considered in applications to the HKICPA Trust Fund. The trustees may also consider applications where members have been unemployed for at least six months and are experiencing severe financial hardship.


Financial assistance to members is in the form of payment of the Institute's annual membership fees, a grant or a loan.


Membership and PC fees


Where a member is unemployed and in severe financial hardship, the trustees may consider funding the annual membership fee for up to three consecutive years, commencing with the 2012 fees. The HKICPA Trust Fund does not normally fund Practising Certificate renewal fees unless the member has carried out one or more audits in the year prior to application for funding. 


Grants and loans


A grant may be given on a one-off basis or in the form of monthly allowance for a designated period. A loan will be interest-free with a pre-determined repayment schedule. The amount of a grant or a loan and the period designated for monthly grants or loan repayments will be determined by the trustees according to individual circumstances. The period designated for monthly grants or loan repayments schedules will not exceed two years. Loans will only be considered by the trustees where there is a reasonable likelihood of repayment. Loans will be evidenced in written form.


To help members return to work, the trustees will consider applications from members who have been unemployed for at least 6 months for grants for items such as replacement laptops, mobile phones and service plans, internet service plan, clothes to present a professional image, and transport subsidy. Applicants may request other items depending on their needs. The trustees consider applications on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances of the applicant.




Completed application forms for financial assistance towards payment of the Institute's annual subscription fees must be returned to the administrator of the trust fund prior to the payment due date of the subscription year. The trustees' decision to approve or reject an application for assistance shall be final.


Application forms


Please download the relevant application form for completion and mail to the Institute, with documentary evidence, as required, on or before 15 December 2016 for the membership renewal 2017.


(i)  Application for financial assistance towards payment of the Institute's annual membership fees where the applicant is unemployed: up to three consecutive years.


(ii)  Application for financial assistance towards payment of the Institute's annual membership fees where the applicant is unemployed as a result of ill-health.


(iii)  Application for financial assistance (grant or loan).


Applicants applying for payment of the Institute's annual membership fee after three consecutive payments of the Institute's membership fees made by the trust fund should use form (iii).


The HKICPA Trust Fund, being a charitable trust, is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Administration of the trust fund is vested with four trustees who are the incumbent president, the incumbent immediate past president, one vice president and a former council member of the Institute.


CPD matters


The Institute may grant exemption from CPD to members in certain circumstances. For information about the exemption criteria, please refer to paragraphs A15 - A16 and Appendix of Statement 1.500 (Revised July 2014). Generally, no exemption will be granted to members holding practising certificates or specialist designations or directorships of any companies.


The Institute offers free attendance of selected CPD events for unemployed members. Click here for information about this support programme.  


For further information about the trust fund, please contact administrator of the trust fund, on 2287-7213.


For further information about CPD exemption, please contact Rosaline Chan on 2287-7454 or email to