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China's start-ups – stepping out of Silicon Valley's shadow

28 July 2017
(HONG KONG, 28 July 2017) Start-ups in Mainland China are experiencing a level of venture capital investment like never before. The value of such investment in Chinese Internet start-ups exceeded United States-based start-ups for the first time two years ago, in a sign that the centre of gravity in the global digital economy was starting to shift.

Hong Kong is part of the battlefront as international organizations wage campaigns against tax base erosion and profit shifting. A Plus reports how multinational corporations are adapting to the new rules or even changing their business models.

Tsui Wah, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is seen as Hong Kong's definitive fast food joint. But to replicate the success in China's competitive restaurant market is no easy task. Its CFO and Institute member John Yang explains the strategies about expanding across the border.

Management accounting is booming as more companies seek to enhance their analysis and communication to drive better business decisions. More from Andrew Harding, Chief Executive of Management Accounting of the newly formed Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

With Thai boxing becoming such a prevalent sport in Hong Kong, we invite several CPAs to share how it helps them beat stress.

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國際組織正就打擊稅基侵蝕與利潤轉移展開行動,香港也身處這場戰役當中。A Plus報導跨國公司如何適應新規則,甚至需要改變其業務模式。


越來越多企業力求提升公司的分析和溝通能力,以促進更佳的業務決策,因此管理會計得以蓬勃發展。新成立的國際註冊專業會計師協會(The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants)的管理會計行政總裁 Andrew Harding 對此作出詳細解說。


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