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Is Hong Kong smart enough?

30 March 2017

In March, A Plus looks at the government's study of the Smart City Development Blueprint, latest development on integrated reporting, year plan of the Institute president, and business strategies of Carlsberg Asia


(HONG KONG, 30 March 2017) The Hong Kong government has commissioned a study of the Smart City Development Blueprint to address urban challenges. A Plus looks at the potential upsides – better Octopus card and other digital systems – and downsides, such as threats to data security and privacy.


Three years after the launch of its framework, the International Integrated Reporting Council is carrying out a public consultation. We look at the current state of integrated reporting and its rate of adoption, attitudes in Hong Kong and how integrated reporting complements a slew of other reporting options.


In her interview with A Plus, Institute President Mabel Chan talks through plans to help members flourish in a growing and transforming profession, her goals for this year and the opportunities for Hong Kong accountants to shine.


Copenhagen’s Carlsberg was one of the first international brewers to export beer to China, dating back to 1876. Kenneth Siu, Regional Controlling Director at Carlsberg Asia and Institute member, tells us about their Mainland strategy, and the challenges of satisfying evolving tastes.


Check out the latest A Plus for the above stories.



香港 如何成為智慧城市?


A Plus 三月號剖析政府對智慧城市發展藍圖的研究、探討綜合報告的最新發展、了解公會會長的年度計劃,及嘉士伯亞洲的商業策略


(香港,二零一七年三月三十日)香港政府委託顧問研究香港智慧城市發展藍圖,以應對市區發展帶來的各種挑戰。我們探討潛在的好處 例如更佳的八達通卡和其他電子系統 及潛在的威脅,例如在數據安全和私隱保障方面。




公會會長陳美寶在 A Plus 專訪中,談及如何協助會員在一個不斷增長和轉變的行業中蓬勃發展、她年內的目標,及香港會計師盡展所長的機會。


源自哥本哈根的嘉士伯是首批出口啤酒到中國的國際釀酒商之一,最早可追溯到1876 年。嘉士伯亞洲區域監控總監兼公會會員蕭偉健,闡述他們在中國內地的策略,及如何滿足不斷轉變口味的客戶。


詳細內容請參閱最新一期 A Plus 專頁。