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A Plus May 2017 issue – Interview with CLP Holdings CEO

29 May 2017

(HONG KONG, 29 May 2017) CLP Holdings, one of Hong Kong’s two electricity providers, is a frequent winner at the Institute’s annual corporate governance awards. Its CEO Richard Lancaster explains how the company provides affordable and reliable service while practising sound community stewardship and tapping into renewable energy.


A recent survey conducted by the International Federation of Accountants revealed a worrying shortage of accountants in major economies, especially in small- and mid-sized practices. A Plus looks at the recruitment situation in Hong Kong and what firms are doing to attract and retain talent.


Many significant financial events – from property boom to bust, and from bank run to recession – have previously put pressure on the currency peg between the United States and Hong Kong dollars. The mechanism has proved remarkably durable, but can it survive Trump administration?


From his busy Taipei headquarters, Y.K. Lee manages the back-office functions of Branded Lifestyle, a company with several clothing brands and more than a thousand of bricks-and-mortar stores stretching from Korea to Malaysia. The Institute member tells how data has become an important part in his decision making process.


With the summer dragon boat competitions approaching, members of the Institute's Dragon Boat Interest Group share why it is both a thrilling and rewarding sport.


Check out the latest A Plus for the above stories.




A Plus 五月號 中電控股首席執行官專訪


(香港,二零一七年五月二十九日)中電控股是香港兩間電力供應商之一,經常在香港會計師公會的年度企業管治大獎中獲獎。公司首席執行官藍凌志(Richard Lancaster)解釋公司如何提供價格相宜並可靠的服務,同時亦致力履行良好社會責任,及開發可再生能源。


國際會計師聯合會最近進行調查,發現全球各主要經濟體都面對令人擔憂的會計師短缺問題,其中以中小型執業事務所為甚。A Plus 報導目前香港會計行業的招聘狀況,以及事務所如何吸引和留住人才。




Branded Lifestyle 台北繁忙的總部內,公會會員李以健負責處理公司的後勤業務。公司經營多個服裝品牌,在韓國以至馬來西亞有過千間實體商店。他解釋如何令數據成為他決策過程中的重要部分。




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