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Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants Elects President and Council

13 December 2018

(Hong Kong, 13 December 2018) Today, following the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)’s 46th annual general meeting (AGM), the HKICPA Council elected Law Fu Yuen, Patrick as president, Kong Chi How, Johnson and Lam Chi Yuen, Nelson as vice-presidents for the coming year.


Mr. Law has served on the Institute's Council since 2014 and was vice-president in 2017 and 2018.


Mr. Law is the Deputy Assurance Leader of EY Hong Kong and Macau. He has been actively involved in supporting the accounting profession through his leadership and participation in a wide range of HKICPA committees. He is the Chairman of Registration and Practising Committee, Deputy Chairman of Ethics Committee, and a committee member of the Governance Committee and the Nomination Committee. He has also been involved in the Professional Conduct Committee, the Restructuring and Insolvency Faculty Executive Committee, and the Standards and Quality Accountability Board.


Mr. Kong joined the Council in December 2014 and served as vice-president in 2018. He is the Managing Director of Non-Assurance Services of BDO Limited. Mr. Lam joined the Council in December 2011. He is the founder of Nelson CPA Limited. At the Council election, seven members were elected to serve for a term of two years, including vice-presidents Mr. Kong and Mr. Lam, also joining the Council are: Au Chun Hing; Au Ki Lun; Cheng Chung Ching, Raymond; Cheung Hok Yan, Jennifer; and Fong Wan Huen, Loretta.


Existing elected members who will hold office for one more year until their two-year term ends are Mr. Law; Fung Ling Yip; Lee Suk Yee; Leung Man Chun; Leung Man Kit; Leung Sze Kit, Roy and Li Kin Hang.


The Government has also appointed Ho Shuk Yee, Susie and Ng Choi Yuk, Theresa as lay members of the Council for a term of two years from 1 December 2018 to 30 November 2020. Two continuing government-appointed lay members Chui Yik Chiu, Vincent and Wong Kam Pui, Wilfred will fulfil the second year of their terms.


In addition, Chung Lai Ling, Ada, representative of the Financial Secretary, and Wong Shing Hei, Charlix, Director of Accounting Services, remain as the ex-officio members serving on the Council.


The immediate past president of the Institute is Eric Tong. He shall hold office as a member of the Council until the conclusion of the 47th AGM, as stipulated by the Professional Accountants Ordinance (PAO). After the conclusion of his term as president, Mr. Law will also serve a further year on the Council.


The Council is the governing body of the HKICPA. Under the PAO, the HKICPA Council can comprise a maximum of 23 people, including 14 elected members, the immediate past president of the Institute, up to two co-opted members, two ex-officio members (i.e. the Financial Secretary or his representative and the Director of Accounting Services or his representative) and four lay persons appointed by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.




(香港,二零一八年十二月十三日)香港會計師公會在今天舉行的第 46 屆周年大會後,公會理事會選出羅富源為來年會長,而江智蛟及林智遠獲選為副會長。














根據《專業會計師條例》的規定,上屆會長唐業銓將留任理事會成員,直至第 47 屆周年大會結束;而羅先生亦將在其會長任期完結後留任理事會一年。


香港會計師公會理事會是公會的管治機構。根據《專業會計師條例》,公會理事會最多由 23 名成員組成,包括 14 名當選理事、上屆會長、兩名增選理事、兩名當然理事(即財政司司長或其代表,以及庫務署署長或其代表),以及四名由香港特別行政區行政長官委任的業外成員。



From left: Eric Tong (唐業銓), Immediate Past President; Johnson Kong (江智蛟), Vice President; Patrick Law (羅富源), President; Nelson Lam (林智遠), Vice President; Jonathan Ng (伍大成), Acting Registrar


Council 2018-2019