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New auditor report

24 January 2017
In January, A Plus looks at the new standards on key audit matters, views from Hospital Authority chairman, Link Asset Management chairman, and CFOs who are making more IT decisions

(HONG KONG, 24 January 2017) Since last month, auditor reports on listed companies' financial statements have become dramatically different from those that have been issued for many years. The new standards on key audit matters will mean more informative auditor reports tailored to companies. What does this mean for auditors and other stakeholders in terms of challenges and benefits?

Hong Kong's Hospital Authority recently picked up one of the Institute's Best Corporate Governance Awards. Its Chairman John Leong explains how the authority values transparency and accountability, and what can be done about the crowded accident and emergency centres.

Link Asset Management's Non-Executive Chairman Nicholas Charles Allen has spent half of his life in Hong Kong. The Institute member discusses his keen interest for challenges, and in being a champion for the city.

Information technology investments are now falling under the remit of chief financial officers. We look at their essential considerations in plotting an IT strategy for companies.

Photography is a hobby celebrated by novices and veterans alike. Several talented CPAs share how the art of camera has become their preferred creative outlet.

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A Plus 一月號剖析與關鍵審計事項相關的新準則、訪問醫管局主席、領展資產管理主席,並探討財務總監作出越來越多的資訊科技決策






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