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Crypto-assets are digital assets that are stored on distributed ledgers that utilise cryptography for security. One of the most commonly known subsets of crypto-assets is cryptocurrencies. The market for crypto-assets is fast evolving. Over the past few years, Hong Kong has seen a growing amount of activity related to crypto-assets, including funds, initial coin offerings, exchanges and custodian services.


Accounting for crypto-assets under HKFRS/IFRS

HKFRS/IFRS Standards do not explicitly discuss crypto-asset transactions. Consequently, companies may need to apply judgment as to how to account for such transactions.


At its meeting in November 2018, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) considered feedback from the IFRS Interpretations Committee and national standard-setters, and the prevalence of crypto related transactions by IFRS reporting companies, and decided not to undertake any standard-setting on crypto-assets at the current time. Instead, the IASB decided to continue to monitor the development of crypto-assets and ask the IFRS Interpretations Committee to consider publishing an agenda decision to explain how entities apply existing IFRS Standards to holdings of cryptocurrencies.

In June 2019, the IFRS Interpretations Committee published an agenda decision on how to apply IFRS Standards to holdings of cryptocurrencies.

The HKICPA is monitoring the developments of crypto-assets and the global discussions on the accounting treatments. The HKICPA responded to the IFRS Interpretations Committee’s invitation to comment on the above agenda decision and provided input to the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) research project on crypto-assets. 

Technical Resources

This section contains relevant guidance and publications on accounting for crypto-asset transactions. Click on the links below for a quick access to relevant resources.


Useful references on IFRS/HKFRS issued by Standard Setters


IFRS Interpretations Committee



Useful references issued by regulators


Securities and Futures Commission



Useful references issued by other organisations







Chartered Business Valuators Institute


Local Standards issued by Standard Setters


Accounting Standards Board of Japan


French Accounting Standards Authority




Last updated: 15 January 2020