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忘記密碼/使用者名稱 重新發送啟動電郵 註冊帳號 幫助網絡登錄


Professional risk management is the term applied to the practical measures that can be taken by accountants to manage the extent of potential professional liability risks.


Risk Management Guidance

The Institute publishes Technical Bulletins, drawing members' attention to the principal areas in which actions for negligence may be brought against them by clients or third parties and suggesting steps which they may properly be able to take to reduce the risk of such claims.

No. Subject
Issue Date
PRMB 2 Auditors' Duty of Care to Third Parties and The Audit Report

Managing the Professional Liability of Accountants



Reference Materials


The Institute publishes on a regular basis Professional Indemnity Insurance Master Policy (Policy) Bulletins (PIIBs) which are prepared by the appointed brokers of the Policy highlighting issues of interest in the area of Professional Insurance Indemnity.

No.Theme articlesIssue Date
PIIB 10 2003-2004 renewal of the Institute PII Master Policy 02/04
  • Master Policy Terms of Renewal
  • Zelino Pty Ltd v Budai
  • Cave v Robinson Jarvis & Rolf
  • Receivers Owe No Duty of Care
  • Master Policy Update
  • Members' Questions Answered
  • The Insurance Market Following The World Trade Center Attack
  • Causal Relationship between Breach of Contract and Loss Suffered
  • Policy Renewal
  • Claims Arising Out of WebTrust Activities
  • Collapse of HIH and Independent
  • The Duty of Care When Auditing and Advising Smaller Companies
  • WebTrust Activities
PIIB 5 Auditors' Duty to Shareholders 5/99*
PIIB 4 Year 2000 Exposure 6/98*
PIIB 3 Issues Relating to the Renewal of the PII Master Policy 10/97*
PIIB 2 PII Master Policy Scheme Update 9/97*
PIIB 1 PII Master Policy Coverage 6/97*

* If you would like to obtain any of these back issues, please contact the Department of Operation & Finance of the Institute.



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Hong Kong Accountant
May 2005
Liability reform is the top priority for Hong Kong Institute of CPAs
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December 2004
Reporting suspicions about proceeds of crime
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December 2004
Exclude me in: when is an exclusion clause not an exclusion clause?
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December 2004
The first principle of risk management – know your client
Hong Kong Accountant
December 2004
Limited liability partnerships may soon be a reality
Hong Kong Accountant
January 2004
HKICPA continues its advocacy action on the proposal for an equitable system of liability
Hong Kong Accountant
August 2003
HKICPA advocacy action on the proposal for an equitable system of liability
Hong Kong Accountant
August 2003
Prevention better than cure
Hong Kong Accountant
June 2003
Auditors beware : the dangers of taking on duties to banks without realising
TechWatch March 2003 The UK Bannerman Case - Recent Legal Development In Relation To Auditors' Duty Of Care To Third Parties
Hong Kong Accountant
November 2002
Limitation periods - no cause for alarm