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Module 12 - Business Finance

This module enables students to develop their technical knowledge in business finance, including strategy management, performance evaluation, treasury management, financing options, business valuation and corporate restructuring.  Students develop the analytical tools needed to make recommendations to businesses to maximize corporate value, manage financial risks and make successful financial decisions.


Syllabus area Weight (%)
Explain the principles in implementing and monitoring business strategy 5-10
Evaluate and advise on the strategic capability of a business entity 5-10
Consider methods in managing a business entity's risks 5-10
Analyse business strategies and identify the risks attached to the strategies  5-15
Determine the objectives of treasury function and explain the importance of managing the relationships between treasury function and external parties  5-10
Evaluate short and medium term financial management  5-10
Determine long term financial management  5-10
Evaluate performance measurement, the different models of performance and the importance of strategic control and governance  5-15
Analyse the role of sensitivity analysis and principles of risk management 5-15 
Advise and apply the various business valuation models  10-20
Evaluate corporate reorganization and change  10-20
Consider the regulatory environment and describe the concept of ethics where it is appropriate to adopt ethical stances by a business entity  10-15
Analyse business failure, the types of liquidations and the key aspects of insolvency  5-10


 For detailed syllabus and proficiency level of the learning outcomes, please click here.


 For Pilot Examination Paper of Module 12, please click here.