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Specialist Qualifications and Designations

Background for specialist qualifications and specialist designations

As Hong Kong’s business environment becomes increasingly sophisticated, so too do the roles of CPAs. They are increasingly asked not only to analyze the numbers, but to manage whole sections of companies, providing leadership and expertise to make businesses succeed. Such complex challenges require specialized skills and mindsets.


Specialist qualification (SQ)


The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants has introduced two important specialist accreditations: the specialist qualification and specialist designation in insolvency. The development of such qualifications by the Institute should help enhance the status of professionals working in the field.


Specialist qualifications are examination based and obtained through post (professional) qualification training and examinations. Generally, they will be open to both members and non members of the Institute. 


Specialist designation (SD)


The creation of a specialist designation is a form of accreditation in a specialized field which recognizes a member's specialist experience and competence and is supported by quality assurance and regulations.


Specialist designations offer practitioners working in a particular field the recognition of a defined level of experience and competence.


For users of specialist services, specialist designations provide a way to measure the experience and standing of practitioners to inform their appointment decisions.


For members aspiring to reach the top of a specialist field, specialist designations provide a valuable career path.


Brochure: New specialist accreditations for Hong Kong's insolvency professional