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Business valuation

Business valuation

In today's financial arena, business valuation holds immense significance. With the ever-growing volume of projects and intricacies involved in this field, accountants, both in practice or in business, must not only grasp the essence of business valuation, but also possess the expertise to comprehend, scrutinize, and interpret valuation reports.
To this end, the Institute is offering a cutting-edge business valuation programme to help you rise to the occasion. This unique initiative combines the joint-forces of the Institute, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Conseil Superiéur Ordre Des Experts-Comptables (CSOEC), as well as a carefully curated team of seasoned local experts who will conduct practical, hands-on training sessions. The programme is designed to help participants develop a profound understanding of business valuation while propelling their professional growth to new heights.
All programme content hours will qualify as verifiable CPD hours for Institute members.



The programme provides participants with a basic understanding of valuation, and insights into the valuation of various assets, including an understanding of valuation techniques commonly used for transaction purposes and fair value measurement requirements for financial reporting purposes.


Programme coverage

  • Business valuation essentials including valuation fundamentals and valuation standards.
  • Business valuation techniques for transaction purposes.
  • Valuation of various classes of assets and liabilities including purchase price allocation, intangible assets, financial instruments, property, plant & equipment, and biological assets for financial reporting purposes.
  • Case studies including the application of various valuation approaches and review of valuation reports.






Topics covered

  • Context of Valuation
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Methods of Valuation
  • Asset-Based Valuations
  • Multiples based valuations
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuations
  • Choice of Methods in Context
  • Application Case Study
  • Reflections and Resources
  • Fair Value Measurement and Asset Impairment Assessment
  • Property Valuation and Plant & Equipment Valuation
  • Financial Instrument Valuation and Biological Asset Valuation
  • Purchase Price Allocation and Intangible Asset Valuation
  • Case Study – Financial Reporting
  • Case Study – Valuation Report Review

CPD hours





Intermediate to advanced


On-demand online course including exercises, multiple choice questions and a case study

Live webinar and face-to-face workshop with case studies

Course provider


The Institute


Certificate in Business Valuations issued by ACCA and CSOEC upon successful completion

Certificate of Attendance issued by the Institute upon successful completion and achieving at least 80% of attendance

Medium of instruction



Programme fee

Institute members or International Affiliates: GBP 229.5 (Apply 10% discount code to enjoy this special price. Please login to view discount code)
Non-members: GBP 255

Institute members or International Affiliates: HKD 6,000
Non-members: HKD 9,000

Further details

Click here
If you are accessing from Mainland China, click here.

Click here for info sheet with date and speakers' info of upcoming cohort in Oct to Nov 2023


Steps for enrolment at the ACCA website:

  1. Create an account by following the instructions
  2. Payment: Input the exclusive discount code in the field under "Discount Code" and click "Apply" to enjoy the discount subscription fee for HKICPA members

Click here for online enrolment
Click here for offline enrolment form



Target participants

  • Users of business valuation reports, including audit professionals, directors of boards, preparers of financial statements, and fund managers.
  • Individuals who are keen to gain knowledge in business valuations.


Admission requirements

Individuals who want to extend their knowledge in business valuation. There is no pre-requisite for both sections of the Programme. However, for the Enabler section, preference will be given to Institute members who have basic knowledge and/ or working experience in valuation.




Tel: (852) 2287 7508 / (852) 2287 7214