Resumption of CPD workshops and sports and recreation events

After having assessed the COVID-19 situation and our hygiene and cleaning practices, we are pleased to announce that both continuing professional development (CPD) workshops and sports and recreation events with a maximum of 30 participants will be gradually resumed with immediate effect.


We will closely monitor the situation to determine when it is appropriate to resume other events.


For the latest updates from the Institute please visit the COVID-19 – CPA Information Centre.

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Procedures for sitting for the New QP:

  1. Complete student application (for first-time application or re-application);

  2. Register as student (for first-time application or re-registration);

  3. Enroll in workshop(s) / examination(s);

  4. Attend workshop(s) and/or sit for examination(s)

Timetable for the student application and registration:

Session Application period

Dec 2020

12 Jan 2020 - 30 Jun 2020


 June 2021

Accredited programmes/ recognition agreements:

1 Jul 2020 -  31 Dec 2020 

 Non-accredited programmes:

1 Jul 2020 -  30 Nov 2020

Timetable for the 
New QP Modules

To enroll in the module(s) of a session, applicants must be a registered student.  Thereafter, candidates can enroll in the module(s) via the Student Information System within the enrolment period of the respective session.

Session Enrolment period

Workshop dates 

Examination time
Examination dates 

Reserved dates set 1 (Note)

Reserved dates set 2 (Note)

Result release date

Jun 2020


Dec 2020

21 Aug - 10 Sep 2020

Associate Modules

Associate Modules

(Hong Kong)


M1 - M5:

9:00 am – 12:00 nn

M6 - M10:

2:30 pm – 5:30 pm.



M5 & M10: 23 Nov 2020


M4 & M9:  24 Nov 2020


M3 & M8:  25 Nov 2020

M2 & M7:  26 Nov 2020

M1 & M6:  27 Nov 2020

M5 & M10: 19 Dec 2020


M4 & M9: 20 Dec 2020


M3 & M8: 21 Dec 2020

M2 & M7: 22 Dec 2020

M1 & M6: 23 Dec 2020

M5 & M10: 18 Jan 2021


M4 & M9: 19 Jan 2021


M3 & M8: 20 Jan 2021

M2 & M7: 21 Jan 2021

M1 & M6: 22 Jan 2021

29 Jan 2021

Introductory Workshop &

Professional Modules

(Hong Kong / China)

Postponed to Jun 2021 Session

Professional Modules

(Hong Kong / China)

Postponed to Jun 2021 Session

Note: The reserved dates sets would be adopted by the Institute only if examinations cannot be conducted on the scheduled examination dates due to COVID-19 situation.  The reserved dates are tentative and subject to confirmation of various factors such as venue availability.  For the contingency measures in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, you may click here to check for the frequently asked questions related to examination.