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Fee schedule


Fee Schedule





    Application fee b, c

    Assessment fee b, c

    (for graduates of non-accredited programmes and graduates of accredited programmes
    completed over 5 years)


    Annual fee d


    Re-registration fee e
    Associate Level

- Exemption fee f

- Enrolment fee

      HK$800 / module
      HK$1,000 / module
    Professional Level

- Enrolment fee for Introductory workshop
- Enrolment fee for module workshop
- Enrolment fee for module examination

      HK$1,700 / module
      HK$1,900 / module

- Enrolment fee for the Capstone workshops and Final Examination g



    Other administrative fees h

- Appeal for module exemption

- Change of student entry route

- Change of enrolled workshop class

- Examination performance analysis report for Associate and Professional modules
- Issuance of certificate
- Re-issuance of result slip/ payment receipt

- Issuance of letter of result prove


      HK$1,600 / module

      HK$900 / application

      HK$800 / class
      HK$200 / module



  1. All fee items are subject to annual review.  Adjustment (if any) may be made in the fee schedule for next year without prior notice.

  2. Application fee and the one-off assessment fee (if applicable) are payable upon application.  These fees are non-refundable,  non-deferrable and non-transferable.  Applicants who decline the application result or whose application is rejected by the Institute will be required to pay the application fee again upon re-application.

  3. Application would be deemed unsuccessful and all fees paid are non-refundable if applicants fail to submit the required items for assessment within 6 months from the application date.  Applicants are required to submit a new application and provide supporting documents together with the appropriate fees again should they wish to re-apply.

  4. First annual fee is payable when applicants accept the application result and register as student.  It is due on 31 January each year thereafter.  Students who register between 1 January and 31 December of the current year should pay for their first annual fee at the time of accepting assessment result and also the annual renewal fee for the next year after receiving the renewal notice on or before 31 January of the next year. HK$30 out of the Student annual fee is for apportionment to Capital Fund for purchase, improvement and/or expansion of office premises.

  5. Students who notify the Institute on their withdrawal of student membership or are removed from the Student Register due to non-payment of annual fee or any other reasons, such as disciplinary action are required to pay the prevailing fee upon re-registration as student in the future.

  6. The total exemption fees that an applicant will pay depending on the number of exemptible modules.  The maximum exemption fee is capped at five modules if respective module exemptions are ascribed to an accredited programme obtained within 5 years.   For applications received by 30 November of last year (i.e. the application deadline for the June session of this year), the exemption fee would be charged based upon the last year’s fee provided that the applicants accept the application result and register as student prior to the QP enrolment period for the June session.

  7. Enrolment fee for the Capstone includes 3-day workshops and the Final Examination (for the Capstone repeater class, includes the Day 3 workshop and the Final Examination) .  Full attendance of the Capstone workshop(s) is a pre-requisite for sitting the Final Examination.  Completion of the Capstone requires meeting the overall assessment of the workshop(s) and the Final Examination.  Students who fail to achieve the overall assessment will be required to retake the Capstone.
  8. For other services which are not listed in the above fee schedule, the Institute may charge an administrative fee in connection with the service performed.  For enquiry, please contact the Education and Training Department: or