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Programme accreditation

As the only statutory licensing body of professional accountants in Hong Kong, the Institute is devoted to developing its Qualification Programme the most preferred and predominant professional accountancy training programme to a broad spectrum of potential aspiring students, including career changers, non-business degree holders and non-local graduates.


To facilitate the nurturing of future accountants, the Institute recognizes education programmes that meet the professional knowledge and skills requirements of the Institute's Qualification Programme through the programme accreditation process. 



Why should your institution apply for accreditation?

The Institute's accreditation is a recognition of the quality, standard and competency level of your programmesIn particular, it ensures that module exemption at the Associate Level of the new QP is available to graduates of your programmes.


Your programmes will be listed on the Institute's homepage and hence will attract prospective students to your institution.  Other stakeholders will also be assured of the quality of your programmes.



Eligibility to apply for accreditation

Tertiary institutions and programme providers that are eligible to apply for programme accreditation from the Institute should be under one of the following categories:


  1. Tertiary institutions (or its extension arm) recognized by the government in the respective jurisdictions; or

  2. Programme providers (and their programmes) have obtained the accreditation status of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications at Hong Kong Qualifications Framework ("HKQF") Level 4 or above (or equivalent).


How to apply for accreditation?

Institutions interested in applying for programme accreditation should first indicate their interest by writing to the Education & Training Department of the Institute at


Click here for the flowchart of conducting accreditation and re-accreditation exercise.