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Governance structure

The Institute is a statutory body established under the Professional Accountants Ordinance and By-Laws. 

The Council serves as the governing body of the Institute, makes decisions on the overall strategy, policy and direction, as well as handling matters stipulated in the Professional Accountants Ordinance. It provides guidance on the Institute’s governance and operations with the assistance of relevant committees. 

Through a balance of members from within and outside the profession, the Council benefits from a wide scope of views when debating and addressing issues.

The Council is supported in its activities by various committees, primarily made up of Institute members. The committees are essential in ensuring the operationalization of the Institute’s corporate governance framework. These also ensure that the operations of the Institute’s management and other committees are aligned with the strategies and policies set by the Council.


Under the Council there are four governance-related committees which cover different aspects of the Institute’s operations. 

The Audit Committee helps Council fulfil its governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to financial reporting and internal controls. 

The Governance Committee is tasked with the development and review of existing policies and rules that the Institute adheres to in relation to Council meetings, elections and committee appointments. 

The Nomination Committee provides recommendations to Council over the appointment of Institute members to the Institute's boards, committees, panels and working groups, the co-option of Council members and nominations of Institute representatives to take on positions in overseas bodies. 

The Remuneration Committee makes recommendations to Council on annual pay adjustments, bonuses and employment terms and conditions. 

There are over 20 other committees and advisory panels, which focus on specialist topics or activities.  Please refer to the Committee List and the policy and procedures in relation to the nomination and management of committees.


There is also the Executive Committee which is responsible for the day-to-day management decisions and operations of the Institute. It comprises the Institute's Chief Executive and Registrar, directors, the President and Vice-Presidents. It meets monthly and reports to Council.