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Join as a mentor

Benefits for mentors

Mentors can further enhance their coaching skills and help mentees fulfill their potential which would benefit the accounting profession as a whole. Mentors will be awarded up to five non-verifiable CPD hours on guiding a mentee during the one-year mentorship process and up to three verifiable CPD hours for attending mentorship related briefings.


Who can be a mentor?

A member in good standing, with post-qualification experience of seven years or above, who has the desire to give back and invest in the future profession, is welcome to be a mentor.


What are the roles of a mentor?

A mentor serves as an advisor and counsellor to a mentee by sharing his/her professional experience and knowledge to facilitate development and progression of the mentees.


Mentors are expected to:


  • Have the mentee's best interests in mind.
  • Provide non-judgmental support.
  • Provide guidance on issues raised.
  • Pass on knowledge and experience but encourage the mentee to be self-reliant.
  • Help develop learning plans.
  • Be a good listener and appreciate mentee's point of view.
  • Inspire mentee to meet or exceed his/her chosen goals.
  • Provide honest feedback.
  • Follow through on commitments.
  • Be respectful, responsive and committed.
  • Trustworthy – the issues discussed during a mentoring session should be treated in strictest of confidence.
  • Show passion for the accounting profession.
  • Be a role model of an accounting professional with high standard of integrity and professionalism.


Mentors are not expected to:


  • Act as a sponsor.
  • Find job for the mentee.
  • Be an expert in all areas.
  • Carry out a mentee's work on his/her behalf.


Mentoring process

For the 2024-25 programme, the mentor-mentee cycle begins on 1 April 2024 for 12 months. An approved mentor is encouraged to take more than one mentee during the cycle.


It is important for the mentees to clearly identify their objectives which they wish to achieve from the mentorship programme and agree these with the mentor at the beginning of the programme. The objectives are expected to be specific, attainable and of relevance to one's professional development.


For mentoring to thrive, a solid relationship needs to be formed between mentor and mentee. Therefore it is important that they should agree on the level of commitment, mode and frequency of interaction at the outset and that a periodic communication be maintained, say, two to four times a year is recommended.


Means of communication are flexible which can be meetings in person, phone calls, social media, emails, or any other forms as mutually agreed by the mentor and mentee.


Mentors and mentees will be invited to give interim and end-of-programme reviews which may cover the objectives, key discussions, achievements and feedback on the programme, etc.


How can I apply?

Simply complete the online application for the mentor by 19 January 2024.


The matching process will be undertaken by the Institute based on compatibility and the learning needs indicated by the mentees. The process will involve both the potential mentor and mentee before the matching is confirmed. Only on rare occasions that a second matching will be entertained if the first profile matching fails to work. Applicants will be notified of the matching results by March 2024.


Mentorship Programme Support

To ensure a rewarding mentor-mentee relationship, we will provide three levels of support:


1. A briefing session for mentors and mentees regarding the programme goals, participant roles, mentoring best practices and mentoring process. Topics will cover the skills-based training in coaching, dealing with difficult situations and the lifecycle of the mentoring relationship as to:

  • how to develop the relationship;
  • how to keep the momentum; and 
  • how to wrap it up


2. Periodic reviews: mentors and mentees are encouraged to provide reviews to the Institute with an intention to address any key issues.


3. Continuous improvement: with feedback from mentors and mentees, the Institute is committed to the ongoing development of the programme. At any time, mentors and mentees are welcome to contact the responsible staff who is there to provide support, identify opportunities and troubleshoot issues and working with the stakeholders to make ongoing adjustments to keep the program thriving. 


Start-of-term and end-of-term gatherings

The start-of-term gathering will be held in late March/April 2024 when mentors and mentees will be invited to mark the formal commencement of the programme.


An end-of-term gathering, formally bringing closure to the mentoring connection under the programme, will be held in April 2025. This provides an opportunity for both the mentor and mentee to reflect upon their experience in the mentoring process. This is also an occasion for the Institute to express gratitude to all stakeholders for their contributions to the programme.


Events at-a-glance

Events Tentative time
Mentors & Mentees briefing Late March / April 2024

Start-of-term gathering

Late March / April 2024
Mentorship process – regular meetings and communications between mentors and mentees

April 2024 – March 2025

(to be arranged at an agreed interval between mentor and mentee)

Training sessions May / June 2024
End-of-programme review March 2025
End-of-term gathering April 2025


Programme help desk

For enquiries and support, please email to; or contact Florence Ng, Manager, Member Engagement at 2287 7055.