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Becoming a CPA through the Qualification Programme

QP – the peak of success


The qualification programme is a comprehensive training programme that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become a CPA. QP builds on an accounting degree and progresses to course work and examinations -- the knowledge side of the pyramid. On the practice side, you will participate in workshops that simulate issues you will face at work as a CPA. You will then go on to real-world experience, gained under the tutelage of a CPA, which prepares you to assume roles with greater responsibility.

When you join the Institute’s QP, you join a dynamic group of students who are gaining the world’s best training for professional accountants and the designation of CPA, the apex of accounting qualifications. Graduates of the programme have the knowledge, skills and values it takes to carry the designation of CPA.

Completing the QP exempts you from passing the Hong Kong practising certificate examinations, which are necessary for registration as an auditor.

All QP students registered on or after 1 January 2008 who hold a non-Hong Kong accountancy degree need to sit and pass the aptitude test on Hong Kong law to gain a practising certificate.