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Operational and managerial excellence is vital to ensuring that the Institute fulfils its duties as a statutory organization acting in the public interest. Our achievements have been recognized by bodies through the following awards.
Energywi$e Certificate  

The Institute is pleased to be presented the Energywi$e Certificate – Good Level from the Environmental Campaign Committee’ Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification scheme, in recognition of our active participation and commitment in achieving energy conservation standards and goals, and adopting energy-saving measures such as lighting, air conditioning, and electrical instalments. We will continue to promote green practice and minimize our impact on the environment.



Wastewi$e Certificate

The Institute was awarded the Basic Level of the Wastewi$e Certificate of the Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification scheme of the Environmental Campaign Committee. The certificate acknowledge our efforts in adopting waste reduction measures to promote a green workplace. We will endeavour to continue adopting green procurement, in-house monitoring, and consistent communications to stakeholders, and to achieve more environmental goals in future.



Volunteer Movement

The Institute is delighted to be awarded the Certificate of Appreciation of the Volunteer Movement by the Social Welfare Department in appreciation of our contribution to the community. We will continue our efforts in promoting participation in volunteering services and strive to create shared value to foster a caring society.



Good MPF Employer

The Institute attained the Good MPF Employer award from the Mandatory Provident Schemes Authority in recognition of our dedication in placing a high value on our employees' retirement needs. The Institute offers voluntary MPF contributions for staff, and is committed to ensuring that we strictly comply with all the MPF requirements and protect our employees by providing better retirement benefits.



Green Office Labels

The Institute is pleased to be awarded the Green Office Label and Eco-Healthy Workplace Label by the World Green Organization. The award highlights our continuing efforts in environmental protection, actively participating in environmentally conscious practices, and creating green workplace at the Institute. We will endeavour to continue adopting green measures and building a healthy working environment for our staff that encourages a better quality of life.



IFEC Financial Education Champion 2021

The Institute is honoured to be awarded the Financial Education Champion Award by the Investor and Financial Education Committee, which acknowledges our work and contributions towards public financial education. This is the fourth year in a row that we have won the award. In the coming years, we will keep striving to promote financial literacy across the community and equip the public with the knowledge to become financially healthy.



Caring Organisation Logo

The Institute is proud to have been awarded the 15 Years Plus Caring Organisation Logo, by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in recognition of our sustainable efforts and strong commitment in corporate social responsibility caring for the community, employees and environment over the years. We will continue to enhance our corporate social responsibility efforts in order to ensure the long-term sustainable development of society.