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Corporate Finance Interest Group

The Corporate Finance Interest Group (CFIG) is formally launched at the cocktail reception on the evening of 26 October 2007. In addition to CFIG members, a number of prominent guests from the government, regulatory agencies and the corporate finance sector attended the reception.



The formation of the CFIG under the Institute is to provide a forum for CPAs, corporate financiers and other related professionals working in the corporate finance sector to network and exchange views on matters of common interest or concern and to channel their views to the Institute.


For further details of the CFIG, read the information sheet.



CFIG membership is open to all members of the Institute.


To join the group, please click here. No enrolment fee is required.



The CFIG holds lunch seminars, discussion forums, networking functions and other events on topics of interest to the corporate finance sector. Click here to view the events. Click here to view photo gallery.