Resumption of CPD workshops and sports and recreation events

After having assessed the COVID-19 situation and our hygiene and cleaning practices, we are pleased to announce that both continuing professional development (CPD) workshops and sports and recreation events with a maximum of 30 participants will be gradually resumed with immediate effect.


We will closely monitor the situation to determine when it is appropriate to resume other events.


For the latest updates from the Institute please visit the COVID-19 – CPA Information Centre.

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Financial Services Interest Group events


Date Topic Nature of Activity
Available period:
21 Oct 2020 –  30 Oct 2021 
FSIG Webinar: Bankruptcy and restructuring protection amid COVID-19 outbreak (archived) e-Seminar
6 Oct 2020
FSIG Webinar: Bankruptcy and restructuring protection amid COVID-19 outbreak Webinar
Available period:
29 Sep 2020 –  30 Sep 2021 
FSIG Webinar: Handling regulatory investigations (financial sector) (archived)
4 Sep 2020 FSIG Webinar: Handling regulatory investigations (financial sector) Webinar
Available period:
6 Jul 2020 –  15 Jul 2021 
FSIG Webinar: Digital onboarding – eKYC / AML checks (archived) e-Seminar
29 Jun 2020 FSIG Webinar: Digital onboarding – eKYC / AML checks Webinar
15 Nov 2019 FSIG Lunch Seminar: Virtual banking in Hong Kong Lunch Seminar
15 Oct 2019 FSIG Lunch Seminar: A new era of Hong Kong’s insurance industry Lunch Seminar
8 Aug 2019 FSIG Lunch Seminar: Handling regulatory investigations
Lunch Seminar
16 Jan 2019 FSIG Cocktail Reception: Predicting investor behaviours by blood type Cocktail Reception
31 Jul 2018 FSIG Lunch Seminar: FinTech for you Lunch Seminar
9 May 2018 FSIG Lunch Seminar: How artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the alpha of consumer loans portfolio? Lunch Seminar
5 Feb 2018 FSIG Cocktail Reception: What does the Trump Tax Revolution mean for Asia? Cocktail Reception
24 Jan 2018 FSIG Lunch Seminar: An update on regulatory developments in the funds industry Lunch Seminar
9 Jun 2017 FSIG Evening Seminar: The future of Cryptocurrencies Evening Seminar
28 Mar 2017 FSIG Lunch Seminar: Initiatives under the Fintech Facilitation Office of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Lunch Seminar
16 Jan 2017 FSIG Cocktail Reception: A holistic approach to retirement planning Cocktail Reception
20 Oct 2016 FSIG Lunch Seminar: Risk-based Approach in Practice: Balancing Financial Integrity with Practical Effectiveness and Financial Inclusion Lunch Seminar
3 Jun 2016 FSIG Lunch Seminar: Updates on the Insurance Regulatory Regime in Hong Kong - from the Commissioner of Insurance Lunch Seminar
14 Mar 2016 FSIG Lunch Seminar: Impact of the new and disruptive technology on the financial services industry - Are you ready for change? Lunch Seminar
28 Jan 2016 FSIG Cocktail Reception Cocktail Reception
17 Nov 2015 FSIG Lunch Seminar: Investors' Protection – Revised Professional Investor Regime Lunch Seminar

1 Sep 2015

FSIG Lunch Seminar: From FATCA to Common Reporting Standard (CRS) – Towards a New Global Standard Lunch Seminar
9 Jul 2015 FSIG Lunch Seminar - Update on Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs") Lunch Seminar
31 Mar 2015 FSIG Lunch Seminar on New Regulatory Regime for Stored Value Facilities and Retail Payment Systems in Hong Kong Lunch Seminar
23 Jan 2015 Financial Services Interest Group Cocktail Reception Cocktail Reception
2 Dec 2014 FSIG Lunch Seminar - Proposed regulatory regime for the over-the-counter derivatives market in HK Lunch Seminar
10 Oct 2014 What is Bitcoin? And why do we care? Lunch Seminar
29 Sep 2014 Latest update of the IASB's Insurance Contracts project and its impact on insurance companies reported profits Lunch Seminar
6 Mar 2014 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Lunch Seminar
19 Nov 2013 Hong Kong’s Insurance Industry –
Regulatory Reforms
Lunch Seminar
16 Sep 2013 Growing Momentum for Securities Lending and its Implications Lunch Seminar
25 Jul 2013 Consultation conclusions on the regulation of electronic trading Lunch Seminar
30 May 2013

Financial Services Interest Group Cocktail

Click here for the slides of Mr. Franklin Lam

Networking Event
15 May 2013 The Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme Lunch Seminar
3 Dec 2012 Investing in PRC through Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (QFII) Scheme / RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) Scheme Lunch Seminar
15 Oct 2012 The way out Lunch Seminar
19 Mar 2012 Can the euro be saved? Insight into the main issues surrounding the eurozone crisis Lunch Seminar
22 Feb 2012 Financial Services Interest Group Cocktail
Guest Speaker: Mr. Tony Tsoi
3 Oct 2011 The Next Station:Latest Developments in Hong Kong's Insurance Regulatory Regime Lunch Seminar
26 Aug 2011 Safeguards on Personal Data Privacy Lunch Seminar
18 Jul 2011 Safeguards on Personal Data Privacy Lunch Seminar
21 Jun 2011 RMB Internationalization and the Role of Hong Kong as Offshore RMB Centre Lunch Seminar
14 Jan 2011 Financial Services Interest Group Cocktail
Guest Speaker: Mr. Stephen Wong
Topic: Money, freedom and happiness
1 Sep 2010 The development and opportunities of China’s mutual fund industry Lunch Seminar
2 Aug 2010 Recent regulatory developments in the Hong Kong securities market Lunch Seminar
19 Jul 2010 Updates on RMB business Lunch Seminar
29 Jun 2010 Solvency II: as it is now in Europe and how it could be in the future in HK Lunch Seminar
26 Jan 2010 Why are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) so hot? Lunch Seminar
14 Jan 2010

Financial Services Interest Group Cocktail

Click below for the presentation slide by:
Hon. Paul Chan Mo-po, MH, JP, member of the Legislative Councillor
(Accountancy Functional Constituency

Networking Event
10 Sep 2009 Prognosis of the Financial Tsunami - Pitfalls, Responses and Outlook Lunch Seminar
31 Jul 2009 An introduction to Islamic finance and relevant tax considerations Lunch Seminar
22 Jun 2009 Government Bond Programme Lunch Seminar
15 Apr 2009 Liquidity: the other type of Risk Lunch Seminar
10 Dec 2008 FSIG Year End Cocktail
(Guest speaker: Prof. Kalok Chan, Head of Department of Finance, HKUST)
5 Nov 2008 The CFO's Ultimate Challenge: Smart financial management and risk mitigation in today's global credit crunch environment Lunch Seminar
10 Jul 2008 Aftermath of sub-prime - risk management and financial reporting considerations Lunch Seminar
27 May 2008 China's Growth: A "loser-picking" strategy Lunch Seminar
17 Dec 2007 Outlook of Hong Kong Private Equity Industry Lunch Seminar
27 Sep 2007 MPF Updates Lunch Seminar
24 Jul 2007 Basel II: Where are we now and what next? Lunch Seminar
25 Jun 2007 Chinese A-share and its impact on Asian equity strategy Lunch Seminar
30 Mar 2007 Hedging for RMB Exchange Risk Lunch Seminar
21 Nov 2006 Commodity Futures Markets in Asia Lunch Seminar
18 Sep 2006 Offshore Funds Tax Exemption: Overview and Practical Implication Lunch Seminar
27 Apr 2006 Debt Market Development in Hong Kong Lunch Seminar
20 Mar 2006 Developments in th PRC Financial Services Sector Lunch Seminar
22 Dec 2005 Basel II: The Validation of IRB Systems Lunch Seminar
17 Oct 2005 Embedded Value in Insurance Evening
25 Aug 2005 Equity-Linked Structured Notes: Market Development Risk Management Lunch Seminar
10 Jun 2005

Regulatory Framework for Addressing Analyst Conflicts of Interest

Lunch Seminar
18 Mar 2005 Project Finance: Its Costs, Benefits and Role in Major Infrastructure in Asia

Lunch Seminar

9 Dec 2004 HKAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and
Measurement – final preparation for 1 January 2005

Lunch Seminar

22 Jul 2004 Global Survey of Enterprise Risk Management for the Insurance Industry Lunch Seminar
27 May 2004 An update on the banking regulations in China Lunch Seminar
27 Feb 2004 Meeting with Macau Financial Services Sector Tour
11 Dec 2003 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Lunch Seminar
21 Aug 2003 Intoduction to China QFII Lunch Seminar
3 Jul 2003 Financial Reinsurance Lunch Seminar
13 Mar 2003 Balancing Private Right with Public Interest - Sharing of Consumer Credit Data Lunch Seminar
30 May 2002 Offshore Investment Funds - Tax Exposures in Hong Kong Lunch Seminar
15 Mar 2002 The role and impact of the HKMC in the local financial market Lunch Seminar