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Mainland Business Interest Group

Mainland business interest group (MBIG) is formed in response to the views expressed by Institute members in a survey on members' needs and interests on mainland-related matters and was launched in 1999. The activities of the MBIG are organised by the Institute at the advice of the MBIG organizing committee.



  1. To provide a forum and network for members doing business, research or working in the mainland to share experiences and discuss matters of mutual interest and concern.
  2. To organize seminars or briefing sessions on topics of interest to members doing business, research or working in the mainland.
  3. To provide channels of communication between the Institute and its members doing business, research or working in the mainland.

To join the group, please click here. No enrolment fee is required.


MBIG organizing committee

  • K.H. Woo (Convenor)
  • Simon Wong (Deputy Convenor) 
  • Gogo Ko
  • Jimmy Lau
  • Daniel Lin
  • Stephanie Ng
  • K.M. Wong
  • Tony Zeng



The interest group holds seminars and study tour focusing on mainland business. Click here to view the events. Click here to view the photo gallery.