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Forensics interest group

Forensic accounting is an expanding field of specialisation and one to which accountants should be well suited, given their training and knowledge. There is interest, not only among forensics practitioners, but also within the regulatory and the business sectors, in a specialist forum to provide support and professional development to this sector.


With the support of members working in the forensics field, the Institute formed a Forensics Forum in May 2011 as a pilot scheme to gauge the level of interest and active participation by members in setting up and running a forensics group and further developing services in this specialised area.


The Forensics Forum quickly generated interest and attracted a substantial membership among professionals. Given this support, the Institute decided to turn the Forensics Forum into a more permanent Forensics Interest Group ("ForensIG") in 2012.


Objectives and Scope

The main objectives of the ForensIG are to stimulate interest in and promote awareness of forensics services, and to enhance the support for a forensics specialisation and the development of high-quality of forensics services in Hong Kong. The focus is primarily on applying accounting, auditing, finance, and quantitative analytical knowledge and skills to issues arising in the context of civil and criminal litigation and investigations, covering risk management, fraud investigation, litigation support, dispute analysis, and expert witness services.


For further details of the interest group, read the information sheet.



Membership is open to all members of the Institute. Non-member of the Institute who are working in forensics and related sectors are also welcome to join.


Institute members will not be charged a separate fee for joining ForensIG, kindly click here to join ForensIG. If you are a non-member of the Institute who would like to submit the application via our online system, please register as a new web member first, then complete an online registration. You are also welcome to join the ForensIG by completing the application form.


Financing and membership fee

The group aims to be largely self-funding. There is no separate annual subscription fee for Institute members. The annual subscription is HK$250 for non-member of the Institute for the membership period starting from 1 January to 31 December 2018. An attendance fee is charged for events.



The ForensIG organises technical seminars and discussion forums on topics of interest to professionals working in forensics and related areas, and others interested to learn about the latest developments in this field. Periodic networking events are also arranged.


Click here to view the past and forthcoming events.


Contact ForensIG

Should you have any views on the ForensIG or require further information about the group, please email <>.