Resumption of CPD workshops and sports and recreation events

After having assessed the COVID-19 situation and our hygiene and cleaning practices, we are pleased to announce that both continuing professional development (CPD) workshops and sports and recreation events with a maximum of 30 participants will be gradually resumed with immediate effect.


We will closely monitor the situation to determine when it is appropriate to resume other events.


For the latest updates from the Institute please visit the COVID-19 – CPA Information Centre.

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Property, Infrastructure and Construction Interest Group events

Date Topic Nature of Activity
3 November 2020
MBIG & PICIG joint webinar: Thematic sharing – Property investment in the Greater Bay Area by Hong Kong citizens
Live Webinar
30 September 2020 PICIG webinar: What you need to know about buying overseas properties Live Webinar
28 September 2020 PICIG webinar: Stories of declared monuments on Hong Kong Island (港島法定古蹟雜談)
Live Webinar
Available period:
1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 
PICIG webinar: Hong Kong housing market dynamics and outlook (archived)
23 June 2020 PICIG webinar: Hong Kong housing market dynamics and outlook Live Webinar
10 December 2019
PICIG cocktail reception: Feng shui planning and architecture design Cocktail Reception
6 December 2019
PICIG visit to the West Kowloon Cultural District
30 May 2019 PICIG evening seminar: The trend of office rentals Evening Seminar
28 February 2019 PICIG evening seminar: Introduction to the Reverse Mortgage Programme Evening Seminar
5 October 2018 PICIG visit to Asiaray – A leading out-of-home media company Visit
15 August 2018 PICIG evening seminar: Developing next generation clinical systems by leveraging cloud technologies Evening Seminar
23 July 2018 PICIG evening seminar: IFRS/HKFRS 16 Leases – Impact on the property, infrastructure and construction industries Evening Seminar
28 May 2018 PICIG cocktail reception: The Haunting Past: Tales of Hong Kong street names Cocktail Reception
22 January 2018 YMC and PICIG joint seminar: Hong Kong's record property prices: What goes up, must come down? Evening Seminar
15 November 2017 Good health and stress management from the perspective of Tai Chi Evening Seminar
2 November 2017 Visit to the Hong Kong International Airport Visit
13 September 2017 MBIG and PICIG joint seminar: China retail real estate market: Sustain growth in demand but big change in shopping behaviour Evening Seminar
15 May 2017 PICIG Evening Seminar: Application of "Building Information Modelling" Technology Seminar
29 March 2017 PICIG Cocktail Reception: Addressing Urban Renewal Challenges in a New Paradigm Cocktail Reception
9 November 2016 亞投行給香港帶來新機遇 Seminar
12 Oct 2016 PICIG Lunch Seminar: Combating Property Fraud Seminar
27 May 2016 PICIG Visit to Temple Mall North Visit
5 Apr 2016 PICIG Cocktail Reception: The Good, the Bad and the Elderly: Housing types for the seniors Cocktail Reception
8 Jan 2016 PICIG Visit to MTR Operations Control Centre Visit

11 Sep 2015

PICIG Evening Seminar: Landscape Architecture from the Perspective of Feng Shui Seminar
28 May 2015 Retail Landsape Update and Shopping Centre Development in Hong Kong Seminar
23 Apr 2015 PICIG Cocktail Reception Cocktail Reception
9 Jan 2015 PICIG Visit to Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho - green and innovative design Visit
5 Nov 2014 PICIG Visit to MTR Shenzhen Longhua Line and Property Development Project Visit
8 Aug 2014 Visit to Civil Aviation Department Headquarters Visit
11 Jul 2014 Quantity Surveying Practice and Construction Costs in Hong Kong Seminar
15 May 2014 PICIG Talk and networking event
Click here for the slides of Mr. Franklin Lam
Talk and networking event
26 Feb 2014 New Railways to Sustain Hong Kong's Momentum
Click here for the slides of Mr. Stephen Chik
8 Nov 2013 An overview of building technology and construction industrial practice in Hong Kong Seminar
27 Aug 2013 How to prepare for Hong Kong’s new competition law Seminar
26 Apr 2013 PICIG Cocktail
(Speaker: Dr. Chiang Hong Man, Michael)
12 Jan 2013 Visit to MTR Hong Kong Station Site Visit
21 Apr 2012 PICIG Visit to Lamma Power Station & Wind Power Station Site Visit
16 Mar 2012 PICIG Cocktail
(Speaker: Mr. Shih Wing Ching)
9 Feb 2012 Modern Trend in Dispute Resolution in Construction Contracts Seminar
12 Dec 2011 Impact of accounting updates on the Engineering and Construction Industry Seminar
6 Oct 2011 Will Hong Kong be hit by an earthquake? Seminar
1 Sep 2011 Fung Shui & You Seminar
3 Jun 2011 Site visit to Lamma Power Station Site Visit
31 Mar 2011 Construction Contract Management for Accountants Seminar
19 Jan 2011 Compulsory Sale under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance, Cap. 545 Seminar
20 Oct 2010 Impact of recent accounting updates on the Engineering and Construction Industry Seminar
20 Sep 2010 Impact of recent accounting updates on the Engineering and Construction Industry Seminar
30 Jan 2010 Site Visit - Shatin Sewage Treatment Works Site Visit
18 Dec 2009 Impact of recent accounting updates on the Engineering and Construction Industry Evening Seminar
7 Feb 2009 Site Visit - Ocean Park Master Redevelopment Project Site Visit
28 Oct 2008 氣:概論中國古文化 - 從風水,建設至
Qi:Ancient Chinese Culture - from Feng Shui, infrastructure to household living
Evening Seminar
20 Jun 2008 Site Visit to MTR Site Visit
15 Jan 2008 Property, Infrastructure and Construction Interest Group - Contract Disputes Evening Seminar
23 Nov 2007 Study Tour to Macau Venetian Hotel Tour Visit
23 Jun 2007 KCRC Lok Ma Chau Spur Line - Pre-opening Train Ride & Station Visit Site Visit
18 Dec 2006 Meet the Professionals at Christmas Cocktail
22 May 2006 An insight on Dubai - its current economic developments, business opportunities and future outlook Lunch Seminar
28 Apr 2006 Study Tour to Macau Site visit
26 Apr 2005 A Brief Introduction to AsiaWorld - Expo - It's opportunities and market position Evening Seminar
11 Dec 2004 KCRC Ma On Shan Railway Pre-opening Train Ride & Station Visit Site Visit
30 Jun 2004 Mediation – An Introduction and Its Significance to the Construction Industry Evening Seminar
23 Apr 2004 房地產、基建及建築業關注小組
廣州 、東莞訪問團
Tour Visit
11 Feb 2004 Hong Kong - Pearl River Delta Integration and Infrastructure Development Evening Seminar
3 Dec 2003 Public Private Partnerships in Hong Kong - a developing market and different to other countries Evening Seminar
30 Oct 2003 Course in Construction for Accountants Conducted by Construction Industry Training Authority (CITA) Evening Seminar
18 Oct 2003 KCRC West Rail Pre-Opening Train Ride & Visit to West Rail station sites Site Visit
10 Jan 2003 Tendering or Gambling? Evening Seminar
30 Nov 2002 Site Visit to West Rail Work Sites Site Visit