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Overview for Authorized Employer / Authorized Supervisor – Major roles and responsibilities of training personnel

The Institute accredits employers on a corporate level under the Authorized Employer (“AE”) scheme to ensure Qualification Programme (“QP”) Students are able to attain the appropriate type and level of practical experience for membership admission. For QP students who are not working for an AE, they may alternatively be trained under an Authorized Supervisor (“AS”) who should either be a member of the Institute or an accountancy institute recognized by us.


Under the AE scheme, each AE is required to appoint a Member-In-Charge (“MIC”) to assume the overall responsibility of supervising the training process and assign a Counselor to each QP student. The AS has similar responsibilities as a MIC and the same responsibilities as a Counselor.



Video: What does the Counselor or AS need to do during the training process


Key Responsibilities



Authorized supervisor

Oversee the AE/AS scheme


Nominate and assign Counselors to students



Agree the online Development Commitment with QP students


Develop QP students and discuss training issues


Perform interim and annual review meetings


Sign the online Training Records


Endorse the completed online Training Records


Inform the Institute for any material changes




Please refer to the Practical Experience Competence Grid and Record for Practical experience for more details on the competence requirements and the development progress.




Download the Support Manual (extracted) (PDF, 490KB) for more information.