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Module Preparation Seminars on QP Professional Modules

The Institute is holding a series of Module Preparation Seminars (MPS) on QP Professional Modules for the June 2023 session. The MPS aim at helping you to reinforce the understanding on major or difficult topics.


Part I

 Module 11 – Financial Reporting
  • Financial assets / liabilities

  • Income tax


Ms. Eunice Chu,

Kaplan Financial (HK) Limited



Eunice Chu is an experienced lecturer in teaching professional accounting examination preparation courses, including QP and ACCA, for more than 20 years. She is able not only to explain difficult accounting concepts in simple terms but also to boost up examination skills of the students and enhance their chances of passing the examinations.

Module 12 – Business Finance

  • Business Strategy Performance (Ch. 2)

  • Financial Risk Management (Ch. 3)

  • Treasury and its Relationships (Ch. 4)

  • Working Capital Management (Ch. 6)

Mr. Ted Chan,

Arrow Professional Training Limited


Ted has been teaching QP since 2009 and in a university in Hong Kong since 2017. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and started his career as an auditor in a Big 4 firm. He is an FCPA and CFA.

Module 13 – Business Assurance

  • HKSA 540 (Revised) – Auditing Accounting Estimates and Related Disclosures

  • HKSA 560 – Subsequent Events

  • HKSA 570 (Revised) – Going Concern


Mr. Jacky Li,


HKCA Learning Media


Mr. Jacky Li is a fellow member of the HKICPA and had also been a QP Workshop Facilitator. He was an Audit Manager in one of the Big 4 firm with over ten years solid audit experience.


Jacky obtained his Master degree with Distinction in Corporate Governance and Directorship and was the Scholastic Award winner (highest cumulative GPA) of his class. During the same year, Jacky has also completed the pilot run Financial Controllership Program organized by the HKICPA and was one of the prize winners.

Module 14 – Taxation

  • Income Chargeable to Salaries Tax (Ch. 4)

  • Personal Assessment (Ch. 6)

  • Profits Tax Liabilities for Cross-border Transactions (Ch. 8)

  • The Implications of BEPS, FATCA and CRS (Ch.10)

  • Key Articles in the Double Taxation Agreements (including Hong Kong and Mainland China DTA for illustration) (Ch.10)

Mr. Mike Li, 

HKCA Learning Media Limited


Mike has been teaching QP Final Exam, PC-Tax, Module 14 Taxation in HK and Mainland China for many years. He worked in Inland Revenue Department, various Big 4 firms and HKICPA before and is currently the Principle of HKCA. Mike specialises in taxation areas giving advice to students and his clients. 



Part II

 Module 11 – Financial Reporting
  • Group accounting

  • HKFRS 13 Fair value measurement


Ms. Phei Koid,
Fellow of ICAEW, BSc (Econ)

Core by Phei & Co. Limited



Phei has many years of teaching experience in Module A / Module 11, Module C / Module 13 and the Final Exam. Phei is a Chartered Accountant in the UK and worked for a Big 4 firm in London and in Hong Kong. Phei used to carry out in-house IFRS training for a Big 4 firm in Hong Kong and many of its Mainland China offices. 

Module 12 –Business Finance

  • Business Valuation (Ch. 10)

  • Business Combination (Ch. 11)

  • ESG (Ch. 16)

Mr. Patrick Lui,

Kaplan Financial (HK) Limited


Patrick has over 16 years of experience in teaching accounting and business courses in tertiary institutions and providing exam – based training for college students. He is also a professional exam trainer for
more than 11 years.

Module 13 – Business Assurance

  • HKSA 315 (Revised 2019) – Identifying and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatement through Understanding the Entity and Its Environment

  • HKSA 330 – Responses to Assessed Risks

  • Information Technology (Ch. 13) – Computerised Business Systems and Controls

Ms. Noel Leung
Arrow Professional Training Limited


Noel has been teaching QP since 2010 and in a university in Hong Kong for 6 years. She had a master degree of Corporate Governance in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She currently is a CFO in a listed company, with excellent and professional knowledge in financial reporting and taxation. She is an FCPA and AHKICS.

Module 14 – Taxation

  • Obligations of a Taxpayer and Other Parties (Ch. 2)

  • Objection, Holdover, Appeal and Error or Omission Claim (Ch. 2)

  • Source of Profits (Ch. 3)

  • Distinction Between Capital and Revenue Items (Ch. 3)

  • Preparation of Profits Tax Computation (Ch. 3)

  • Basis Period (Ch. 3)

  • Property Tax Computation (Ch. 5)

  • AVD, BSD and SSD (Ch.7)




Ms. Angela Nip,

Kaplan Financial (HK) Limited


Angela is a taxation expert with solid experience in finance and corporate planning including global tax and transfer pricing planning in MNCs. Since joining Kaplan she has been teaching for over 12 years with over 10 years on exam-based training. She has been a HKICPA workshop facilitator and a QP Modules & Final Exam marker for many sessions.




1. All topics covered in the MPS are published in the new QP Learning Packs.

2. Speakers who deliver the seminars are not involved in the QP examination setting process.

3. The MPS are not to give candidates any tips on the coming module examinations.

4. The video archives will be available on new QP Learning Centre in Apr/May 2023.