Due to the office modification works on 27/F, Wu Chung House, library services will be closed on the following Saturdays: 12, 19 & 26 November and 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 December 2022.


In addition, counter services at 27/F will be moved to 37/F on the following Saturdays: 10 & 17 December 2022 (09:00-12:00).


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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For 20 years, the HKICPA Business Case Competition has welcomed tertiary students with diverse educational backgrounds from Mainland of China, Hong Kong and Macau to compete for attractive cash prizes and internship opportunities. The competition connects students in testing their academic competencies and business knowhow to solve real-life challenges, exercising their current skillsets, and simultaneously cultivate their professional judgement and enhance their global perspectives.


In 2021, the competition received tremendous support with around 1,600 students and more than 300 business proposals from approximately 65 institutions. We have built a platform for students to gain new inspiration and expand their toolboxes. Students participated were all provided with valuable life-time experiences.


This year, the case focuses on Pharmaceutical Industry. Finalist teams will gather and compete for prizes on 3 December in Guangzhou.


  1. Win amazing prizes and QP fee waivers

    Winning teams can get attractive cash prizes, waivers of QP application fee and student annual fee amounted to HK$60,400.

  2. Gain internship opportunities and give your CV the ultimate boost

    Finalist teams will get internship awards to gain valuable work experience from leading organizations in Mainland of China.

  3. Get real world experience

    Participating teams can learn how to apply technical knowledge into practical business context by exposing to the QP case question.





  • All participants must be undergraduate students from any discipline at tertiary institutions in Mainland of China and Macao, or Chinese undergraduate students from any discipline at overseas tertiary institutions.
  • Each team must consist of three to four members, joint-school registration is accepted, but no more than TWO institutions within one team. 
    比赛以团体形式举行,每支参赛队伍需由3至4名成员组成,接受联校队伍报名参加 (每支参赛队伍的学校数量不可超过两所);

*Mainland students who study in Hong Kong Institutions, please register from BCC Hong Kong.


There will be three rounds of competition:

First round

Each team is required to submit a 15-page business proposal in English, including an executive summary of not more than 3 pages.


Second round

30 teams will be shortlisted for the second round review.


Final round - Oral presentation

8 finalist teams will be shortlisted to give an oral presentation based on their written proposals.


Date Details
27 September 2022
Technical webinar on "Creating a healthier world"
12 October 2022 Online registration deadline
17 October 2022 (before 12:00 noon) Submission of 15-page written proposal
16 November 2022

Announcement of finalist teams

3 December 2022 Final round - Oral presentation

T Shortlisted teams will receive email notification.

Winners from each team of  Mainland of China, Macao and overseas groups will receive:

Rank Awards
Champion HK$10,000 cash prize, QP fees waiver*, trophy, medal and certificate, with a total of HK$16,000
First runner-up HK$6,000 cash prize, QP fees waiver*, trophy, medal and certificate, with a total of HK$12,000
Second runner-up HK$4,000 cash prize, QP fees waiver*, trophy, medal and certificate, with a total of HK$10,000
Best written report HK$2,000 cash prize and certificate
Best presenter HK$2,000 cash prize and certificate
Merit teams (5 awards) HK$2,000 cash prize, QP fees waiver**, medal and certificate,with a total of HK$5,000
Eight finalist teams

Internship placement#

* Fee waiver of HK$750 QP application fee and HK$750 student annual fee are awarded to each member of the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up teams.

** Fee waiver of HK$750 QP application fee is awarded to each member of the merit teams.

# Final internship placement offer is subject to decisions of internship sponsors.



Case question 2022  Submission Guidelines 2022
Cover sheet for written report submission 2022
Best written report 2021
Reviewer List 2022
Reviewers' comments on the written reports 2021
Smart tips from winning teams 2021 Champion team's presentation 2021
1st Runner-up team's presentation 2021 2nd Runner-up team's presentation 2021
Competition Highlights 2021
Technical webinar recording
Booklet for Oral Presentation 2022  


  • By registering for the competition, the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs is authorized to transfer students' personal information to the internship sponsors for internship arrangement. 
  • Each winner for internship placement is required to sign an undertaking to accept and complete the internship programme at the organizations which offers him/her the internship placement offer. 
  • Prizes are not transferable and the fee waiver cannot be redeemed for cash. 
  • When submitting the written report, students must ensure their contribution are no original and do not infringe upon the copyright. Also, they are the only owner/ co-owner of their original work and have a copyright for that. 
  • All entries must be received by the closing date specified above. 
  • All students of the finalist teams are required to attend the oral presentation in person. 
  • By registering for the competition, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the rules of the competition. 
  • All the finalists and winners must consent to the use of his/her name, photograph, presentation materials and video for publicity purposes.
  • The Institute reserves the right to decide on the terms, final results of the competition and to amend the competition rules at any time. 



  • 每支被赞助队伍最多只限4位学生及1位带队老师;
  • 每队赞助费用上限为RMB5,000或实际交通及住宿费用,以较低者为最终赞助费用; 
  • 费用报销仅限参赛队伍所在城市直通广州的往返交通费用(机票/火车票/大巴票/船票),及在广州的住宿费用;
  • 被赞助队伍须出示有效发票原件,方可申请赞助;
  • 被赞助队伍须于2022年12月31日或之前将汇款的银行名称、银行账号、银行识别代码(Swift code)、收款人名称及有效发票原件邮寄至香港会计师公会,邮寄地址:中国广东省广州市天河区体育西路191号中石化大厦B塔4302,逾期申请将不获受理;
  • 被赞助队伍须于出发前自行办理旅游保险之申请;
  • 本公会对大赛赞助的细则及金额保留最终决定权,及在未事先公布的情况下修订细则之权利。

If you want to know more about the sponsors, please click here.