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Past Events (2018)

Date Topic Nature of Activity
6 Dec 2018 US Tax Reforms and their Cross-border Impact on Taxpayers
4 Dec 2018 Transfer Pricing Series - Part 2: Separate Enterprise Principle, Intangibles and Financial Transactions
27 Nov 2018 Tax Deductions for Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong
21 Nov 2018 Transfer Pricing Series - Part 1: Arm’s Length Principle, Trading Stock and Intra-group Services
19 Nov 2018 Overview of Hong Kong's Tax Exemption Regimes for Funds and related Common Tax Issues
8 Nov 2018 Hong Kong's Changing Tax Landscape
29 Oct 2018 Tax challenges of the digital economy Seminar
25 Oct 2018 Cross-border personal tax issues on China assignments
16 Oct 2018 A practical guide to tax management in a changing landscape Seminar
11 Oct 2018 Individual Income Tax Reform in China Seminar
27 Sep 2018 R&D Superdeduction Seminar
18 Sep 2018 U.S. Investment by Foreigners Seminar
13 Sep 2018 New transfer pricing rules under the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance Seminar
3 Sep 2018 China tax updates from the Institute's meeting with the SAT
31 Jul 2018 Tax risk management and internal tax functions Seminar
21 Jul 2018 Annual Taxation Update 2018 Conference
17 Jul 2018 With a looming China-U.S. trade war: How should your supply chain be planned ahead? Seminar
27 Jun 2018 Greater Bay Area - Key Tax and Business Issues Seminar
19 May 2018 China Tax Conference 2018 Conference
23 Apr 2018 China tax updates from the Institute's meetings with Mainland tax authorities  Seminar
29 Mar 2018 Impact of new transfer pricing rules on the "source" rule and offshore claims Seminar
12 Mar 2018 National Customs Clearance Integration Regime Reform and Royalty and Customs Valuation  Seminar
08 Mar 2018 US income tax system overview and implications of US tax reform bill  Seminar
08 Feb 2018 The latest China administrative guidance on withholding tax Seminar
09 Jan 2018 U.S. Tax Update Seminar